1st Legaleaglette @JessiePenaloza from Argentina

In Latin America, Social Media isn’t still a popular source for professional workers. Most of people (professionals or not) don’t take much advantage of it, and use it for personal issues or to get specific information or just entertainment. I think that it’s because they still can’t see how the virtual changes in our lives are taking place every day, and affecting every part of them. For example, how a simple word on their profile can make a difference on their reputation (i note that, even more on young people). And all because… there is not information.
Most professionals that use Social Media, here, are people who are working with technology, management, business, international commerce or computer Law, especially to bring up to date.
And writing a blog isn’t common, I mean, if we make a comparison with another’s countries of the world.
In L.A.´s legal system still coexist old acts from XIX century (putting into effect these days) with the new ones (talking about every branch of law). So, there is a big challenge today to change this situation, adapting it at the same time to this new age.
Talking about this virtual world, in Argentina Ii can see 2 groups of lawyers, in general: those who prefer the connection with their clients face to face (the majority) and use the virtual world:- to consult case law and doctrine;
– to consult with others lawyers;
– to share and talk about specific subjects ( about techniques, commerce and ethics)
Also, there is another group, besides that activity, that work with law for virtual world and Social Media.
This group is the ones who are mostly of time using social media for sharing information and to attract clients, making a reputation and creating new concepts. And they are great leaders on technology and law.

Some of them use Twitter for a specific activity but, Facebook is more famous (still the 140 characters are a mystery hahaha). I see that during this year the number of Twitter users is growing up. Most of them are:
– Lawyers between 25 to 50 years old;
– living in the capital city;
– Following people that they don’t have a direct contact;
– using it for personal and professional issues to communicate thoughts and
– have a blog

Personally I prefer Twitter because is more precise, faster and easier to find legal information and know professional contacts. I search another sources, but if we talk about Social Media, I like Twitter.

About challenges, one of them is that we need to face, in Argentina, how different formats has effects as evidence on a trial, how technology can help us to make a legal system better and faster. As for example, mediation between people on different places in the world (i was part of one for an experiment and works perfectly but still aren’t economics resources to put it in to work in the public system) or to make agile a divorce procedure (a computing system in our courts is still boring).
For this generation of lawyers and the next, we have a challenge to face in this time that, if we know how to use social media, can become on one of the most important tools for our lives, to make them betters and make good things for them and for our clients and the rest of people in this world.

P.S.: sorry for my English but I’m still learning.


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