The eagle has landed-launch of the @legaleaglettes on twitter

The Eagle has landed
The Launch of the @legaleaglettes 7 July 2010

I launched the new account this week for @legaleaglettes. The purpose of which is to join together law students, trainees and newly qualified lawyers around the world to start blawgging on the law

Many lawyers blawg about case law, policy and legislation but the focus of the @legaleaglettes is to talk about how we learn law and how we communicate in that learning process. We will use @legaleaglettes to showcase some of the world newest shinning stars and movers and shakers of the future legal profession.

I aim to present bios for some of the legaleaglettes and follow their progress over the next few years and document the changes.

So far in the last few days we have 56 followers I hope to grow the network to include students from all jurisdictions globally and maybe we can learn from one another.

Some of the bios will include tweeters known to most of us @baby_barrister @Alistair_Sloan @yourlawstudent @JessiePenaloza @landartlaw and of course myself @legaleaglemhm are just the first few.

We will bring you video blogs and updates on how law is being taught and our thoughts on legal education and practise. We will discuss current affairs, training and practise.

Already we have legal recruiters following the @legaleaglettes on the look out for rising stars and yes please come and follow. In this changing landscape of the legal profession each and everyone of us needs to be alert to changes as and when they happen the @legaleaglettes are doing just that.

Oh, and its fun too.
Michelle @legaleaglemhm
Come and join us


One thought on “The eagle has landed-launch of the @legaleaglettes on twitter

  1. Michelle

    I think this is fantastic and good on you for putting it together. I would be delighted to help in any way I can. I have been working with the Junior Lawyers section of the Law Society to try and raise some of the issues around social media, particularly personal branding (as started by Tom Peters). Social media will bring about a paradigm shift in the way that we do business and interact with our clients and we need to get comfortable with the way in which leadership will also change as people become more empowered by the technology.

    Best wishes


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