The @legaleaglettes plans to ‘create’ the future of law not just react to changes in law

The Legaleaglettes are ‘creating’ the ‘future of law’ not just responding to it

The @legaleaglettes now has 103 followers and is growing by the day. So what is the purpose of the legaleaglettes and what is going to happen over the coming months?

Firstly I think we are all agreed that something is changing, call it a paradigm shift or a redress to the balance whatever around the world changes in how we learn law, communicate law and practise law are emerging. The way we recruit lawyers and gain traineeships is changing too.
It’s no longer enough just to work hard get a first class honours degree and walk into a training contract with your firm of choice.

The purpose of the ‘@legaleaglettes‘ covers many different areas as follows
• To join law students (including colleges, paralegals and pre undergrad)/ trainees/NQ/solicitors and advocates and barristers around the world together and allow them access sources of law.

• To let law students (of all stages from pre to post grad) share in research and legal methods of education.

• To build a peer group that can help each other in legal training and networking.

• To Profile law students of all stages to potential employers….everyone wants the next ‘rising star’ to be on their team. Follow @legaleaglettes now you may hire them in 2 years?

• To give the @legaleaglettes something extra on their CV which sets them apart from other candidate and may even be enough to land them that training contract with the firm they want.Communicate in a 21st Century manner to land that 21st Century job.

• The build up a network of associates – you can never start early enough
• YOU WILL NOTE THAT USING TWITTER AS A FREE MARKETING TOOL IS NOT EVEN ON THIS LIST and in my opinion many lawyers/firms are missing the point of twitter. Use it for us (legal profession of the present and future) productively.

I have big plans for the @legaleaglettes and here are some of them

This month a video channel will launch which will showcase law students/trainees/NQ form around the world – it’s an online channel and will be updated regularly. These films will show who the legaleaglettes are and give you an opportunity to see what the future members of the profession are saying. (It’s an impressive bunch so far)

We are looking for at least 5 firms of different sizes and across the world to offer your help by sponsoring the #futurelaw @legaleaglettes.

We will update the movie channel on a regular basis to include tales of changes in Universities, law firms, Law societies and in Legal research –basically were going to be the next generation of ‘on-line jurists’ commenting on the law and the shape of the law as it happens- sounds ambitious?

Yes it is ambitious, but I believe that if only half of the law students are as passionate about Law, justice and our world as I am, then this will work.

As @legaleaglettes grow I hope to encourage law firms large and small to get their trainees involved from the first day of their training contract.

I hope that small firms too will get their trainees involved and will be able to watch as young and old lawyers move through their study years into practise and see the changes which would normally not be easily accessed. (In fact this is totally unique and this cannot be seen anywhere-to date)

I will also personally be speaking to students at Universities and encouraging them to join us and learn, engage record and of course showcase themselves and build their own brand.

@Stevensonlaw one of the Directors of the Law Society of Scotland posted a tweet today which reads ‘Starting to think about more support for high street firms – what would be most useful to solicitors in practice?’I think this is a great question, but I suggest that as a profession we take a ‘forward thinking’ stance here and plan ahead giving not only current lawyers but the ‘next generation of lawyers’ the support they need in learning the skills they need right now. Skills such as business development and marketing and how to build their ‘own brand’.We can create a legal profession to be proud of one that listens, communicates and actually understands what our clients need and how we can best give it to them.

I propose that instead of ‘reacting’ to the changes we ‘create’ the change and take back some of the responsibility for ourselves.

Let us create a ‘future of law’ that not only listen and responds but does so with ease and skill not just trying to pick up tips and skills on the way.
I really want all of the @legaleaglettes to help me do this and I hope you will help too.

Email me on
13 July 2010


2 thoughts on “The @legaleaglettes plans to ‘create’ the future of law not just react to changes in law

  1. Good article and important points raised, education has to reflect the world as it is and how it is going to be, not how it was – more future thought is needed.
    I put a presentation together last year to sum this up (it’s a bit long, but points are all there):


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