legaleaglettes join us from University of Missouri-Columbia

Legaleaglette @Angyt7 introduces herself

My name is Ashley Garner @Angyt7 and I am a 20 year old upcoming Junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am majoring in Interdisciplinary studies (possible communications double major) with an emphasizes in Black Studies, Religious Studies and International Studies with a minor in English and Sociology.

I am the stage of gathering materials to start studying for the LSAT which I plan on taking twice (but hopefully my first score is good) first time in October and again at the beginning of summer in June.

I am currently resurrecting the schools black-pre law society after feeling isolation from the national fraternity Phi Alpha Delta and realizing that I wasn’t the only minority student who felt that way. I currently have fallen in love with event planning and social media and get to divulge in that by working for Academic Retention Services here on campus, where we plan events and seminars to help retain minority students on campus and lead them success as well as my blog that I’ve started this summer ( I know I still have a lot to learn in all capacity of my interests and endeavours but I find that exciting and love interacting with people who share the same passion!

Ashley Garner aka (@Angyt7)
A welcome to Ashley great to connect with students around the world

Outreach Ambassador
Academic Retention Services
Interdisciplinary/Pre-law Major


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