Liverpool’s law students join @legaleaglettes to change future of legal profession

Legaleaglettes from Liverpool join forces with @legaleaglettes

I’m Hannah Nicholas aka @hannahspanana, aged 19, just passed my first year of law degree with a 2.1 and hoping to get a first!Start my second year at Liverpool John Moores University this september.
At first i started out wanting to be a doctor and took all the sciences at a level as well as government and politics. I enjoyed the law side to politics a level and decided to go into Law instead.
I’m a born and bred Liverpudlian which supports the right team (LFC of course).
I have lived in London and hope maybe to go back there to do my training contract but still unsure.I loveeee anime and manga! Studio Ghibli is the best! I also play 4 instruments self taught and used to be in a touring band when i was 15 🙂
Welcome to Hannah


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