Law and Legal Affairs: It’s time firms get tweeting to find potential new clients

Published Date: 26 July 2010 By David Lee
Todays article published in The Scotsman
IT is a phenomenon that divides families, friends and professions. You can become totally obsessed by it – or just dismiss it as a modern fad that will soon be replaced by something else.
Yet many lawyers who are passionate about Twitter insist it has gone far beyond a passing trend – and become a genuine business tool for the profession.

Firms that continue to have a ‘stubborn streak’ and refuse to embrace Twitter risk losing ou
t on business and being left far behind, according to regular users of the social media conversation site.

Michelle Hynes McIlroy says she was shocked to see how few delegates at the Law Society’s conference on alternative business structures earlier this year raised a hand to say they used Twitter – although the Law Society itself was an early adopter.

Ms Hynes McIlroy, marketing manager at, who posts tweets as @roadtrafficlaw and @legaleaglemhm, says lawyers who use Twitter properly are definitely picking up business.

Since her company joined Twitter in September 2009, she says: “We have listened to conversations by potential clients and new clients, instructed counsel and pushed traffic to our website which has increased by over 200 per cent in the last year.

“When I asked the audience at the conference how many people used Twitter, I was shocked to see only a few hands raised. If Scottish lawyers are not listening to all these ‘I need a lawyer’ tweets, who is?”

Ms Hynes McIlroy, who has established a new twitter account called @legaleaglettes within the last few weeks, says is not just a question of using Twitter for the sake of it – but making sure you use it strategically.

“Twitter is a unique tool with tweets being directed out into the virtual world but the nature of the beast itself is that tweets are often swept along and missed by the very person they are aimed at. Using twitter strategically by sending tweets out and also engaging with clients is one of the keys for both @legaleaglemhm and @roadtrafficlaw.

“The 1,980 people whom I follow on Twitter are potential clients and the 860 following me are also potential clients. There are 27.3 million tweets every day; some are about the law and legal issues.


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