Lawyers of the world ‘unite’ to create a new world of law in 30years

Lawyers ‘Unite’ Globally to create a ‘new world of law’ using brand new technology ready to launch -join us @legaleaglettes

There is ‘new technology’ being launched very soon and the legaleaglettes are using it as a means of communication between lawyers around the globe.
This technology has been developed over the last 3 years by and is in testing stages ready to launch (within a month)
It will give lawyers something not available yet and will allow the legal profession to communicate within the profession .IT IS EXTRAORDINARY
The frame work has laready been mapped out and more than that has been developed and I have been privy to a viewing of the proto-type.
Imagine if you could communicate ‘law’ using something better than linked in , facebook and twitter.Something that gives you it all in one place.Something that will allow law students , trainees, law firms universities to create a ‘new world of law’

It is outstanding and i am very excited about it.
If anyone is interested in being part of a ‘NOT FOR PROFIT’ global organisation that will collectively help to carve out a new legal profession in 30 years – email me at follow @legaleaglettes

Support is flocking in from Universities and lawyers in UK,Argentina,USA,Australia,Europe.

We collectively are not prepared to sit back and wait for our profession to just happen we plan to make it happen and using ‘new technology’
It is very exciting for all in ‘law’ from students to Universities and every lawyer in between.

Join me and your peers and lets make this happen.
Michelle Hynes-McIlroy


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