Diary of a Diploma inLegal Practice Law Student – The New program at University of Glasgow

Diary of a Diploma in Legal Practice Law Student
30 August 2010

Well, it’s the countdown to beginning the newly formed Diploma in Legal Practice at the University of Glasgow and as one of their first batch of Post Graduate law students I prepare to start studying again on 20th September 2010.The course runs for six months from September 2010 to March 2011 and look forward to commencing my traineeship /bar apprenticeship in March 2011.

My plan is to both blog and video blog both here and on legaleaglettes tv (soon to be launched) about the experience of studying the Diploma in legal practice and I hope this will be of interest of any new law students in the future and of course may be of information to the course providers.

When deciding on where to study there was only on choice for me and that was University of Glasgow

3 thoughts on “Diary of a Diploma inLegal Practice Law Student – The New program at University of Glasgow

  1. Dear Michelle

    I look forward to reading and, indeed, viewing more from your Legal Eagleship.

    One point I would make is about funding. When I did the Diploma in 2007-2008 at the GGSL it cost me and some others £4,700. Luckily some law firms in Scotland and indeed the UK funded the Diploma for others and certain others were lucky enough to have good first year law school grades giving them public funding. While I’m sure the Diploma at Glasgow Uni will be a success not least from seeing those distinguished names above, it appears to me rather peculiar that the cost of the Diploma should rise in a recession notwithstanding the fact that it is now hived off from Strathclyde’s GGSL.

    Having said that, I think it’s great that the Diploma is moving back to the GU; commuting into the center for a couple of hours a day is no fun for anyone.

    Best wishes


  2. Do you know what percentage of students on the Diploma have to self-fund the course?

    Gavin is correct that most medium to large commercial firms will pay for the diploma for future trainees and funding is also available from SAAS for those with good grades in first year. My concern about self-funding the diploma (and this doesn’t necessary apply to you by the way!) is that it is a risky move in the current job market which is likely to leave the student significantly out-of-pocket if they are unable to find a traineeship (which is increasingly common).


    • Hi Steve
      There are 180 places on the Diploma in Legal Practice at University of Glasgow and only 66 Grants were available to students through SAAS.I didnt get one.

      I would presume that the balance of students will be either self funding or funding through future employers I dont know figures of how many have traineeships.

      Yes I agree it is very risky for students who are self funding as they may be taking out a loan or borrowing money from family with no guarentee of a traineeship at the end. I am extremely fortunate to have a traineeship secured but for many its is a daunting and risky business.

      Acknowledging this my legaleaglettes project plans to film students and put them on a channel for firms to see and maybe it will help them to secure traineeship.I am also trying my best to offer support to my fellow law students and secure funding and prizes and networking to them through legaleaglettes to help.

      Qualifying is just the beginning for lawyers and after 5 years of study ( I studied law for 4 years inclding honours, plus Diploma in legal practice) it is very disheartening for many brilliant and eager law students who find them selves without a training contract.Some continue on their journey and go on to study at masters or Phd level other abandon their dream and join a large corporate body ( a law degree is widely accepted as a great degree for business)

      My blog and video Diary of a Diploma in legal studies will follow my journey through the next six months with the aim to give next years gradautes and idea of what it entails.

      I hope to will show the work load, the highs and the lows as I juggle family, work and study but I really would like it to inspire law students to ; think carefully about doing the diplom or encourage them to embrace it ….who knows I havent done it yet.I will reserve my judgement till the end.

      Being passionate about law and legal education and of course being more ‘mature’ than most of the law students I do like to try to help them on their way to their dream.I hope any lawyers following me on twitter will help this generation of law students join the profession .

      Thanks for your reply Steve.

      michelle legaleaglemhm


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