Writs, Protocols, Wills and Irn Bru -The Stuff Lawyers are made of:

Writs, Protocols, Wills and Irn Bru -The Stuff Lawyers are made of:
Diary of a Diploma Student – Week 4

I cannot believe that the first month has passed already. This has been another busy week at the University of Glasgow Diploma although many of the students do indeed look a little less confused now.

The week kicked off with a Civil Litigation assignment to be handed in on Monday and in class we work our way through the initial stages of drafting a Writ, lodging defences and answers. What seemed like a different language 4 weeks ago now starts to make a little sense.
We have been given a Personal Injury exercise to work though and I have adopted the position as solicitor for the Defender. Its actually fun to see the stages of litigation come to life albeit in a slow and simplified way. My tutor Anne Bennie is excellent and explains everything really well. I now know all about pre-action protocols.

Our Private client course required us to prepare two mirror image wills and I found myself at University until eleven o’clock one night happily drafting my wills and sipping an ice cold glass of Irn Bru (Scotland’s national drink other than whisky)
Another big part of the Diploma this year is role play and undertaking clients meetings with an observer to judge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was delighted to have good reviews.

The weather is turning here in Glasgow and the dark nights are drawing in. Autumn leaves a carpet of orange and red leaves around the grounds of the University and the Tower peers above the campus like a watchful ‘Big Brother’

It sure is good to be back.

Our study area is now available within the Alexander Stone Building and we now have two new administrators on board so hopefully the course administration will run even more efficiently.

Given that the course is new it has been a good start to our professional life in Law.
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Michelle Hynes-McIlroy LLB ( Hons )


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