Week 5 of the Diploma : Sasine Searches, Torrens System and Bail Applications

Sasine Searches, Torrens system and Bail Applications
All in a weeks work at Diploma in legal Practice – Diary of a Diploma Students

I seriously had no idea that conveyancing would be so interesting.With an interest in history it was a joy this week to learn about the Sasine Register and The Draft Land Registration (Scotland)Bill.
175 students enjoying a guest lecture from John Glover Head of Legislation branch at The Keeper of the Registers of Scotland.
We learned more of our ARTL project from Kevin Ramsay which will be part of our marked assessment for the Conveyancing course.
Fascinating to think that in the years to come much of our conveyancing will be done on-line and even more fascinating to learn that first registrations in the Land Register can take several years to be completed.
It was a hectic week and one which saw us move a step forward in our Personal Injury project.Working in pairs we submitted answers to an action raised .
George Moore QC delivered a good lecture on damages and I was delighted to get feed back on Civil Litigation class.
We are marked throughout the course on all the work we undertake in class and feed back at this stage would be expected to fall into the W grade – .
There are 3 marks ;
w= working towards competance
I was delighted that I have already achieved C = Competance for my civil litigation course.
The Criminal classes this week focussed around criminal advocacy and we had a mock court set up with each of us making an application for bail.Some of us adopted the role of the Crown and opposed bail and others made a motion for bail and we were given feedback.It was a great opportunity to watch videos about criminal court apperances and also practice.I must say that the students in my group were great .
Had a great student meeting this week and we are already planning a graduation ball and graduation ceremony – now that is forward thinking.
It has been a hectic week as I have been working at www.roadtrafficlaw.com and becoming even more involved in the cases.
Come Thursday though my little girl aged 7 took not well and as a parent my girls always come first and I spent the day at home with her and reading and preparing for the Sheriff moot next week.
The week went by very quickly and was enjoyable though exhausting
Follow my journey to the end of the Diploma 🙂
Michelle Hynes-McIlroy


2 thoughts on “Week 5 of the Diploma : Sasine Searches, Torrens System and Bail Applications

  1. Hi Michelle,

    Many times when we read a book for the first time, we think that things are just being invented. With sale and purchase of property, we often forget that it has been going on for centuries.

    Things like convayencing have been around for so long and have evolved so much recently.

    Good to see how you are getting on. And good to read about how you are getting on.

    All the best.



  2. Sounds like some good work MHM.

    Congrats again on the Sheriff Moot win for Glasgow University against Strathclyde Uni.

    Liking the new blog format btw. I’ll be trying to make my format throughout the site more simple like http://scotslawblog.com

    Also, just a quick comment – was quite hard to find this site other than typing “legaleaglemhm” into google. Perhaps, for SEO purposes, add a v short description for the page header e.g. “LegalEagleMHM’s Blog | Scots Law Diploma in Legal Practice Updates”

    or something like that. The line ” | ” seems to be a winner with WordPress and Twitter for some reason 🙂

    Looking forward to the blog posts at the end of this week

    Speak soon



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