Week 7 – Glasgow Diploma Students Thrive Under Pressure

Glasgow University Diploma Students Thriving Under Pressure Week 7 Beginning the 1st of November 2010 The clocks went back and gosh it is so dark in the mornings.I think the dark mornings and the dark nights has had an effect on all of the Diploma Students this week.
Weare now 7 weeks into the Diploma and the pressure is building but hey despite some moans and groans the Glasgow students are thriving. Monday is always a long day as we have Civil Litgation classes until 7pm and although they are really good classes it does seem like a very long day.
By 7pm I felt so tired and glad to go home to my little girls and have dinner.I am very luck to have my very own ‘mrs Doubtfire’ also known as nana, (my mum) who together with my dad help me with looking after my girls when I have late classes or meetings.Its such a joy to come home to a home cooked meal thats made for me.

Litigation is a very interesting subject and having come to the end of our procedural part of the course I am happy to say that I can now draft a writ in both an ordinary cause , Commercial and summary action. I can draft answers and defenses and I understand the procedure of an options hearing , a debate , a proof before answer and a proof.Whilst I am no expert I certainly have learned so much in the last 7 weeks.

My Tuesday was very exciting as I assisted counsel at a Trial in Paisley Sheriff Court. It is a busy court and it was good experience for me.

After leaving court I was East bound on a train to our fair Capital city of Edinburgh to The Faculty of Advocates in Parliament House.
The Faculty of Advocates has been established since.1536 and is housed on the Royal Mile beside the Court of Session.Its a wonderful old building and as I waited in the Grand Hall I looked at all of the very old paintings of the many advocates that have formed the College of Justice and dreamed of the day when I am called to the Bar. As I walked up and down I noticed an Advocate looking at me.He glanced over a few times and then came over and said “Are you legaleaglemhm?” It was amazing to be recognised by a well respected Advocate who suggested we get together for coffee at another time. My meeting went well and I firmed up all the details I needed to ensure that I am on track , which I am.

Leaving the Faculty in the dark I headed down the royal Mile towards the Scottish Parliament for the opening of an anti-sectarian exhibition by Glasgow Artist Joe O’Brien.His work is very inspirational .It was a great evening and I was delighted to also meet Michael a young winning artist who currently has his work in the Mitchell in Glasgow. Whilst on the train back to Glasgow I read my conveyancing homework that was due in this week and collapsed in a heap when I got home.Tired but exhillarated and wondering if I was coming down with something. I was right.

The next morning I awoke with horrible earache which lasted all day.I took it as a sign that I should rest and rest is exactly what I did.

Next day I was back to my normal self come Thursday and Private tutorial was great.Working though the actions required when administering an estate I found that my 12 years of work with HM Inspector of Taxes had served me well. We were tasked with completing tax forms and worked through client .

Again a long day on a Thursday saw us with a brilliant lecture by a criminal defence solicitor who discussed her role with clients and then we had two hours of criminal litigation . The topic this week was plea negotiations and we split into pairs to discuss the roles of the Crown and the defence and watched some great videos produced for us. In a few weeks we will be marked as a part of the assessment for the course on our performance discussing a plea. Friday was a full day in the office and as usual a catch up of all the work that I had missed whilst at Uni this week. With three pieces of course work due in this week my fellow Diploma students all moaned and groaned about how tired we all are.I was glad to hear it wasnt just me feeling it.(I thought I was just getting old)

The good news this is that three of my friends now have traineeships with Glasgow firms and that makes me smile For those that don’t I am delighted that Senior Partner David Flint from MacRoberts has written some top tips for trainee Interviews and believe me I will be circulating these.I really want to try to help my fellow students .It is really good of David for doing this as I appreciate that practising solicitors are very busy so any help Diploma students can get is very appreciated.

Finishing off the week on GuyFawkes night I look back at this week as one of hard work both pysically and emotionally.Time management again has been difficult for me but with only 4 weeks left till the end of the first half of the course I can’t help but think that the rest of the course will fly by. Im still here, still working hard and despite being exhausted Im still enjoying it.
One final break through this week is that after 7 weeks of hanging around in the cold the Diploma students now have somewhere to sit and drink coffee and we also have three rooms where we can hang out too so Its good.( and of course some of my art work is up there too) I hope you enjoy my Diary of Diploma student and follow my journey to the end and Graduation. legaleaglemhm Michelle Hynes-McIlroy


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    • Thanks Ash
      Theres no getting away from the fact that I have a lot on just now as for not enough hours in the day I agree with you there not.Thanks for your comment and yes catch you on twitter


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