Quoad Ultra, Litigation And The Making of Brilliant Scots Lawyers

The Cloisters-where I take my regular morning walk everyday to listen to the Bells chime at University of Glasgow

Diary of a Diploma Student Week 8
Quoad Ultra,Litigation And The Making of Brilliant Scots Lawyers

This is the week beginning the 8th of November and I cannot believe how fast this course is going.
It is dark, its wet, its windy but at University of Glasgow Diploma in Legal Practice its Fast, exciting and its hard work.

In Civil Litigation we have practically worked our way through all stages of litigation and are working on our personal injury litigation projects. At the beginning of the course it seemed like a strange foreign language ‘what on earth is Quoad Ultra Denied’….. however as we all start to see the pieces fit together it becomes a lot clearer.
I’ ve suggested to a group of fellow students that we get together to draw up a mind map of all the stages in preparation for the exam. Mind maps have been a part of my learning process for many many years after I discovered Tony Buzan.
The lectures will now start to come to an end and this week I was happy to be able to work more hours at www.roadtrafficlaw.com. As the next instalment of my fees will be due in January I need every penny I can find so as much time spent in the office is necessary. When the classes finish on the 3rd December I will be happy to be able to earn money every day to help pay my fees and of course pay for Christmas.
In our conveyancing course I was delighted to get my first assignment back and to have passed with flying colours. It was the very piece of course work submitted and the requirement was very different from an academic piece of work. Our Senior lecturer Deborah Clapham delivered a great lecture about leases and I was delighted that an opportunity has come up to be able to attend at an Immigration Tribunal with 5 of my fellow Diploma Students. It will be great to watch how the tribunal is conducted and the procedures adopted. Deborah Clapham sits as a temporary Judge and we appreciate this very kind offer to come along.
Private Client is shaping up to being a really interesting course also and again this week saw my first piece of course work returned to me and again another good mark.
I have maintained all the way through the course that I am not driven by getting good marks instead my focus is on learning as much as I can and learning skills that aren’t measured on an academic table.
I interviewed Douglas Mill Director of Professional Practice at The University of Glasgow, this week and was very pleased to hear that he is delighted that the Class of 2011 is progressing well. My full interview with him will be included right here on my blog .
I also interviewed a fellow Diploma student Mansoor Bashid (Mani) who is now doing some work with me in http://www.roadtrafficlaw.com.
We found out this week that the end of term Ball will take place in Glasgow’s Grand central Hotel in May 2011 and that is an occasion I will definitely be attending ,kitted out in a new frock I think.
The exam dates are out this week and we have exams on the 9th and 14th of December.
It’s been a good week on the Diploma in Legal Practice and of course also being a mum I have been juggling my workload at University and at work with my family commitments.
It’s not always easy especially when my little girl has been poorly with asthma but I am delighted to say that despite an overnight stay in hospital this week, I have managed to keep up to date with my studies. ( One little girl now on the mend and one happy mummy )
I hope you enjoy my Diary of a Diploma student and will also read my interviews with fantastic Diploma students over the next few months.
I hope to be able to profile several Diploma students and hope that a law firm looking for a star trainee might just find them here on legaleaglemhm’s blog.
Michelle Hynes-Mcilroy


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