Diary Of a Diploma Student Wk 9 ‘Karate Kid Training’

Every Karate kid needs a guru to train them

legaleaglemhm just about to submit plea in mitigation

Week 9 Diploma In Legal Practice at University of Glasgow ‘Karate Kid Training’

It is already half way through November. This week it has been heads down for some more hard work at University of Glasgow as we embark on week 9.

With only two more weeks to go till the end of the first semester I can only say that the course is going really well. The weather has changed dramatically and already we are all enjoying many a hot chocolate from the Queen Margaret Union.

The week started with Civil litigation where we had an opportunity to revisit what we have learned about the steps of raising an action in the Sheriff Court. This covers every step from the initial pre action protocols through to drafting a writ and defences and through the options hearing and onto proof or debate or proof before answer. In Private Client we are drafting a writ to have an executor appointed in an estate. It s a great class and everyone is embracing all the forms with ease. I was delighted to get a second B in my assignment for private client too.

Conveyancing too has been a really good class with us moving on to commercial transactions and leases. The Highlight of the week was of course our criminal litigation class where we had an excellent lecture on advocacy and what to do when presenting a case. All the tips we have been given are first class and will help all of us when we go into practice#
On Thursday we had a assessment in our advocacy skills. We were presented with a copy complaint and list of previous convictions and had to prepare a ten minute plea in mitigation. This was nerve wracking for a lot of the Diploma students but as I have done a lot of mooting i wasn’t too nervous although i did have a few butterflies just before i went in and Ithink this is normal. I don’t know what mark I was awarded yet but i think it is a good sign as the judge whispered “well done” as Ii came out of the room.(fingers crosses) The plea was filmed and the mark will form part of our overall mark for criminal litigation. This week i have heard of two more students getting training contracts so that made me smile. Every week there is a gradual increase in the number of diploma students who have training contracts and spirits are high. There are still a lot of students who don’t so we keep reminding them that they will get one

As President of the Mature Students Association at the University this week brought a planning session for the annual Christmas Party and it certainly feels like every one at Glasgow Uni is getting into the Christmas spirit already and it is only November.

As classes for the first semester start to wind down I find myself back in the office of http://www.roadtrafficlaw,com even more and the run up to the official start of my traineeship commencing in March. My work load is now focussing more on the work of a trainee and Graham Walker is helping me to adjust o the change in mind set from a paralegal/ business development to a trainee solicitor. I’ve been with the firm for over a year now and had a role in most of the areas of the business from marketing , business development,client relationships,research,case management etc but now the time has come for me to crank it up a notch and start thinking more like a lawyer.
I have started a log book where I record all the work I do on cases and Graham Walker will be giving my guidance as I go. No doubt he will be telling me where I am going wrong and that is a good learning curve for me. I always feel in awe at his level of experience as he has been in practice for 30 years and just like in the film the ‘Karate Kid’ I am sure he will put me through my paces. I suppose I am a bit impatient and want to be the best lawyer I can be right now but the reality is that I have to learn and I can think of no better teacher

I am also incredibly lucky to have gathered a wealth of mentors around me each giving me great advise and helping me to make the leap into practice.

I am now thinking that this blog may well continue from Diary of a Diploma student into Diary of a trainee…..then Diary of a Devil and Advocate. A good week by all accounts legaleaglemhm

2 thoughts on “Diary Of a Diploma Student Wk 9 ‘Karate Kid Training’

  1. Interesting to know that you are the president of the Mature Students Association 🙂

    I worked with a property solicitor once who was working in Conveyancing. It certainly is very interesting.

    Best Regards,


    P.S.: Wax on…wax off


    • Hi Ash
      This is my third year as President of Glasgow University Mature Students Association.I was President in 2006-2007,2008-2009 and now 2010-2011
      I am passionate about life long learning and do my best to encourage everyone and including many diverse ages and backgrounds to follow the dream and re-enter formal education no matter what age they are.
      It is very rewarding and gives me great pleasure in helping mature students along the way.


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