Donald Findlay QC , Rumpole of the Bailey, Cup Cakes and Cava-All in a week at Diploma in Legal Practice in Glasgow

Donald Finlay QC , Rumpole of the Bailey, Cup Cakes and Cava
Diary of a Diploma Student at University of Glasgow

Its week 10 of the diploma in Legal Practice and oh boy there are lots of tired looking students now.
The winter is definitely here in Glasgow and we have been covered by a blanket of snow.

As the week started we had a fantastic civil litigation class taken by Anne Bennie in the Art of Advocacy in Civil Litigation.

I love ‘being on my feet’ so it was great to learn tips about examination in chief and cross examination. Our exercises involved a rotating pattern of students each taking part as a different party. In the first one I was counsel for the pursuer and it was great to question the witness .

In the second round I adopted the position as counsel for the Defender and again I loved cross-examining the witness. I must say Donald Findlay QC has somewhat made a lasting impression on me as I found myself morphing into a female cross between Findlay (minus the pipe) and Rumpole of the Bailey. It was brilliant experience as we could experiment with different techniques and styles and it wasn’t being judged or marked. I have done lots of mooting in front of hundreds of people and I think that I have my own style but being able to experiment was great and definitely one of my favourite parts of the course.

In the second semester I have chosen three electives:
• Advanced Criminal Litigation ,
• Advanced Civil litigation
• Corporate.

These electives will allow me to fine tune my Advocacy skills and develop more of personal style with the benefit of some great teachers.

Our Conveyancing tutor Victoria Finnigan has been an outstanding tutor this first semester she has extensive experience in Commercial property. Our class on commercial leasing was really fun and Victoria simply brought the subject to life.

Criminal Litigation was a joy as always and I was delighted to find that I have passed all my course work for criminal including the Oral Plea in Mitigation. I have scheduled some time to go through the video recording for tips and pointers.
Sheriff Alfred Vannet took the class through a very quick over view of Solemn Procedure and finished of what has been a great look at criminal procedure in Scotland. Next week is the last week so we will be revisiting and revising some of the topics covered in the course.

Thursday finished on a high as we had a Cava and Cupcakes evening straight after class. The event was a wonderful success and I was delighted to scoff some delicious cakes and drink some bubbles all to the sounds of three of our students playing the piano and violin.
A good week on the Diploma for all and as the week came to a close the students are all now set for Oral exams in civil litigation as our on going personal injury project has now reached the pre-proof conference stage and on Monday we will have conferences and be assessed on making an oral presentation of a motion and opposition for a motion in an Ordinary Cause Action.

The new timetables were issued this week for semester two and my challenge is to fit in as much work at with classes but hey you know me I like a challenge.

At the end of this week I look back now on a quite laid back week where I heard of at least three more Diploma students successfully gaining traineeships. It’s really good to hear.
I paid my deposit this week for our Graduation Ball which will be held in the Grand Central Hotel<a in Glasgow on the 27th of May and as this happens to be both mine and a fellow student Chris Agnew ( @Agnew1_law ) birthdays it will be a double celebration and champagne will be flowing that night for sure.

Its now the weekend and as a working, studying, full time mum I am having a study weekend as my girls are with their grandparents playing in the snow and I find myself at University on a Saturday and Sunday studying hard for my exams. As a mature student with a life outside of law too it is always difficult to fit everything in and whilst I am passionate about law, working until midnight every night takes it out of you.

The revision I do this weekend should allow me to relax a little next week.

Thank you for following my journey through the Diploma in Legal practice. Feel free to add a comment or email me.

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