Diary of a Diploma Student: Glasgow Law Students What we have learned so far

Exams are over
The First Semester at the Diploma in Legal Practice is completed

This week sees some very happy Diploma Students pack up their Law books and head home for Christmas Break. It has been such a fast semester and wow the learning has been practical and all in great.

The exams are over (although due to bad weather the civil exam will still go ahead in January)

Here is a short re-cap of what we have learned in the last 12 weeks at the Diploma in Legal Practice at University of Glasgow

Private Client
How to:

Deal with Clients, take instructions, carry out money laundering checks, Draft a will, set up an estate, gather in an estate, account for Inheritance Tax, set up Power of Attorney

Civil Litigation
How To:
Raise an action , Defend an action, make a motion, draft pleadings, adjust pleadings, conduct an options hearing, conduct all stages in pre-action protocols, conduct a pre proof conference, carry out negotiations, conduct a proof, examine in chief and cross examine- we can all do these for ordinary causes, commercial actions and small claims.

How to:
Take instructions from a client in a house purchase or sale. Instruct a Home report and survey. Draft Missives, instruct and conduct searches, draft a disposition and use ARTL to register with Land Register.

Criminal Litigation
How to
Take instructions from a client. Draft letters, discuss with Crown, make a motion for Bail, Make a plea in mitigation, conduct an Intermediate Diet, Run a trial in summary and solemn cases and apply for Legal Aid.

We have acquired skills in: analytical thinking, planning, organisational skill, negotiating skills, Court preparation, court presenting, litigating, practical applications of the substantive law we learned during our LLB (Bachelor of Laws).

This is just a small list of some of the main practical skills we have learned already on the Diploma in Legal Practice. The aim of which is to enable us to be Day 1 ready for the first day we commence our traineeships.

On a light hearted note we have met legal professionals from all areas of Law including Practitioners, partners, Advocates, Sheriff’s and Judges and like the eager students that we are have soaked in the knowledge and experience them have all offered us.
At the beginning of the course so many of the students were disheartened as they did not have a traineeship but as we close the doors on the first semester I am very happy to report that many of these student now do have a traineeship and I am confident that by the end of the second semester most will.

As 2010 draws to a close and we all begin to celebrate Christmas I just want to say a big Thank you to EVERYONE who has in some way participated in launching our New Diploma in Practice at Glasgow University and especially Douglas Mill and Eileen Patterson.

Have a great Break everyone , a wonderful Christmas and my Diary of a Diploma student will continue on the 10th of January 2011 with a Guest attendance by Lord Roger of Earls ferry (How lucky are we)

Merry Christmas 2010
Michelle Hynes-Mcilroy LLB (Hons)


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