Do you know when Women First Started studying Law?

As @BrianInkster launched his @Timeblawg today It set me thinking about the History of Law and how it was originally taught at the University of Glasgow.

If we hope to create a better future of legal education we probably should look at how it was taught in the past and consider what went wrong and why.

Here are some cool facts about how Law has been taught over the years at the University of Glasgow

1. LL.B Means ‘baccalaureus utriusque juris’ or Bachelor of both laws ie: civil Law and canon Law.
Mediaeval degrees were – Baccalaureus Juris (civil law) Baccalaureus decretorum (Canon Law ) and Baccalaureus Utrisque Juris( bachelor of both laws)

2. Teaching in Canon and Civil Law began in Glasgow University in July 1451

3. Mary Queen of Scots gave an endowment to the college in 1562.

4. LL.Ds were normally conferred during the eighteenth century – one given to Adam Smith in 1762.

5.In 1775 the senate stipulated that candidates for a LL.B should have attended Civil Law classes for at least two years and have a first degree M.A.

6.Professional training was by apprenticeship up to around 1817.

7.The LL.B was created by a Body of University Commissioners under the Universities (Scotland) Act 1858 an Ordinance No75 of 1862.8.Thereafter the L.L.D remained a honourary degree only.

9. Law Societies were created in 1865 by the passing of the Procurator Act 1865 the purpose being to define a curriculum of legal studies and the exams at the end of each year of study.

10 there were 6 honorary degrees of LL.D conferred on ladies in 1901.

11.The Sex disqualification (Removal) Act of 1919 opened the profession and the study of law to women.

12.The Degree of LL.M was created in 1965.

13. The Diploma in Legal Practice was introduced in 1981

These are just a few interesting facts about the Degree.As a current student on the Diploma in legal Practice at Glasgow I am very interested in our history and I hope you have found them interesting.The law school has a wonderful history and I would recommend having a look at
All facts taken from a wonderful book published in 1990

‘A History of the School of Law’
by David M.Walker
Professor of Jurisprudence 1954-58
Regius Professor of Law 1958-90


One thought on “Do you know when Women First Started studying Law?

  1. Hi Erica
    You are absolutely correct it is LL.B and David Walker states exactly that.I have been researching the History of The University of Glasgow and stumbled across this delightful book.It amazes me the amount of Law graduates who have an LL.B yet do not know what it means.
    Thankyou for your snippet of information It does indeed appeal to my geekiness.
    Best wishes


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