So what do Law students get up to during the holidays?

So what do Law students get up to during the holidays?

Partying ?

Well, I do have to admit to being guilty of all of the above but also to admit to spending most of my time with my two girls aged 7 and 15.
The partying did not include hanging out in pubs and bars but mostly composed of singing carols and eating jelly and baking.

The drinking; well I am fond of a dry sherry , a nice whisky and the odd glass of Baileys, and the celebrating: that was easy once my family get together every day is a celebration.

As a mature student (over 21) the workload of studying law is somewhat different to that of my younger Law Student friends.Whilst many can enjoy hours upon hours in the Library I have to operate to a very tight schedule, in fact its like a military operation here in Partick.Study time is very precious and I generally have to fit in my reading and studying at night when the girls are asleep.Hence the bags under my eyes.
So when the holidays come around I jump for joy at all this time to just hang out at home , sort out my books and read, read, read.

Reading is one of my passions Its true.

I love to soak up the written word and I read a whole range of subjects.
Over this christmas and New Year Break I have read:

A History of The School of Law – David M Walker, Professor of Jurisprudence
Wheatleys’s Road Traffic law in Scotland – Andrew Brown QC
Road traffic Sentencing Referencer
Law,Practice and Conduct for solicitors Alan Paterson & Bruce Ritchie
Discourse on the origin of Inequality – Jean-Jacque Rousseau
In The Shadow of Gotham – Stefanie Pintoff
Tender is the Night F.Scott Fitzgerald
TonyBuzan – The speed Reading Book ( this is the third time I’ve read this book and quickly I might add)

I have entertained my family for Christmas dinner and New Years day dinner and had my parents staying over the two weeks as house guests.
I’ve spent some time on Twitter and some time on Facebook and had a look at the many legal blogs out there.

Its 2011 now and I find myself thinking ‘Do I really need to make a new year resolution?’ I thought about it for one second and then decided that I don’t.

My Plan, however is to continue to work hard and finish my Diploma in Legal Practice and start my traineeship as a trainee Solicitor at in March.

A Happy New Year to everyone and thanks again for following my journey

Michelle Hynes-Mcilroy

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