Thinking of going to UNI ?10 Reasons Why YOU Can Go Back To Uni As A Mature Student.

Thinking a going back to Uni ?

The New Year always brings new year resolutions and for some it is a time of reflecting on their career and seriously considering going back to University to re-train.( I know the feeling)

Many people don’t actually do any thing about it and instead create obstacles, excuses and reasons why they can’t.

If you are a mature student ( anyone over 21 and there are over 9000 at Glasgow University) here are my Top Ten Reasons why you should become a ‘mature student’

I will soon finish my 5 years of University. I graduated with an LL.B (Hons) from the University fo Glasgow in 2009 and I am currently completing the Diploma in Legal Practice DipLP .

I returned to education at the ripe old age of 37 and hey ; If I can do it you can.

Top Ten Reasons WHY YOU CAN Do It.

1. Committment –
Mature Students have committment
Ok, so you know whats happening in the world.
You can already make decisions based on your own life experiences.When you start the journey through Education chances are you will finish it just because of your being a ‘mature student’.It takes committment: have you got it ?YES

Mature Students are confident

University can be a surreal environment for new students.One of the big benefits of being a mature student is the confidence to participate in discussions and seminars. Enter any seminar room or lecture theatres and there we are ‘AT THE FRONT– deep on conversation and asking questions.

3.Knowledge –
Mature Students Know Things-lots of things

Ok, so maybe you already have a degree but maybe you don’t? Many Life long learning mature students are starting University this year without much formal education but what they bring however is informal knoweldge.Skills they have picked up along the way.From all experiences in life.

4.Time Management
Mature Students can plan organise and multi-task.

Come on, if you’re a mature student you already know how to manage your time.The young students straight from school often struggle with :How to structure your day and spend most of it asleep or in the pub. Our Dean of The Faculty of Law Prof Noreen Burrow actually told us on our first week that when she started University she missed the full three weeks at the beginning of term as she was in the pub and didn’t realise she had to actually GO to class.

Mature student HAVE vision and are not afraid to use it.

If your seriously considering re training then its safe to say you already have a goal – it may be ‘not to be doing what you are doing just now but you may have a fixed goal – to become a lawyer, scientist,designer etc . Many of your peers will have absolutely no idea what they could possible become . Having a goal gives you a big advantage.You know where your destination is and all you have to do is buy a ticket , get on that train and enjoy the journey.

6. Guts
Mature students are not shy in coming forward

As a mature student you already know yourself pretty well. When you find an area of study that confuses you will find there is always someone at University that can help and guide you. Mature students use the services of Skill support staff without a second thought.

Mature students recognise small accomplishments
, like finishing that first book, writing that first essay and sitting the first exams. All of these experiences are different for mature students than for their Younger counterparts we appreciate them.

8. Support from Family –
Mature Students have ‘troops’

So you’ve decided that you want to go back to University.You’ve searched the Internet for courses, filled in your UCAS form and bought your books. The biggest help you will find throughout your days of study will be from YOUR friends and family and as a mature student we already have the support network in place we have given birth to them, we have ironed their shirts. Wives, husband and kids all travel the journey with you.If you have a supportive family then you are already way in front

Mature students often have none

ok so not everyone has savings and if you do it’s a bonus.If you don’t then there are many agencies, trusts and benefactors who support Mature students from all back grounds with Bursaries and Loans.Think ahead and start thinking FUNDING even whilst you fill in that UCAS form.I did.

Mature Students have the BEST person on their team

You know you.
You know exactly what YOU can do.
You’ve given birth to children.You’ve multi tasked.You’ve ran a football team. You’ve been part of a team,.You’ve handled a work load. You’ve budgeted. YOU know exactly what you are capable of.

Life – now that’s hard

A Degree? Piece of cake.
(Actually it is a lot of very hard work and has many highs and lows but I can honestly say that there has never been a day that I have regretted going to University)
What’s stopping you now?

I Returned to Glasgow University in 2005 aged 37 with a 9-year-old daughter and a 9 month old baby to study Law as I want to become a Lawyer.

I studied religion and philosophy on the Access course from 2004-2005.
I Studied for my LLB (Hons) Bachelor of laws from 2005-2009
I currently study Diploma in Legal Practice at University of Glasgow.
I was elected President of Glasgow University Mature Student Association for Three years.
Winner of Elizabeth Aitkin Award for Achievement in Access
Scottish Adult Learners award 2007

Hey IF I can do it.You can.

Michelle Hynes LL.B (Hons) DipLP


7 thoughts on “Thinking of going to UNI ?10 Reasons Why YOU Can Go Back To Uni As A Mature Student.

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  2. I also returned to study law in 2008 at the age of 37. I intend to go on and practice law. Doing a law degree at this age, the level of commitment you are able to give to your studies is magnified greatly. You really know why you are there and have a clear goal which makes the whole process seem very straightforward compared to going to university earlier on in life. Michelle is right in saying that the level of confidence you have gained through life experience is a great advantage. It means that you are not afraid to ask questions or complain if you don’t feel that your study needs are being met.

    It’s not for everyone though, when I started the course there were close to 100 students starting the first year with me. I would estimate that now we are half way through the third year we are down to approximately 30% of that. Life has a funny way of throwing a spanner in the works and for many people the pressure of exams/coursework on top their day to day lives was just too much.


    • Thanks Dylan

      Yes Life continues as you work your way through your degree as a mature student , but life continues anyway whether you are doing a degree or not.

      Your point is very relevant that mature students need to be focussed on goals and know what they want to achieve. Yes there are many difficulties too and my next blog will reflect that .
      Please keep in touch during your studies, would you care to write something for my blog ? Its always good to post other mature students view points.

      Thank you for commenting.

      Best regards



  3. Great article. I am a mature student at Glasgow as well and also did the access course. I’m 43, a mum and just finished my first year as a sociology undergraduate. I am so glad I made the decision to go to uni regardless of the learning curve.


  4. Hi, beautifull and inspiring text. I’m also thinking to go back to university I’m 34 years old and I’m an Italian living in London…any chance that you know wich documents and certificates do I need to enter the university in UK?
    Thanks Carmen


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