Glasgow Diploma in legal Practice – Churning out Winners AGAIN

Glasgow Diploma – Churning out Winners
Diary of a Diploma in legal Practice student

Back at the Alexander Stone building on the 10th of January 2011. The first week of the second semester kicked off at The University of Glasgow Diploma in Legal practice.

What a brilliant start to the week. It was great to see everyone with smiles on their faces early on Monday morning looking refreshed and recharged after the Christmas break.

The second semester is a time for electives and I have chosen the following.

Advanced civil Litigation

• Advanced criminal litigation

• Corporate

There is a new subject led by Douglas Mill which aims to bridge the gap between tradition legal education and the world of business and practice. The full title is Business, Ethics, Finance and Practice Awareness. This is a compulsory subject and will be taught by both lectures and tutors from practice.

Justice of The Supreme Court, The Right Hon the Lord Rodger of Earlsferry gave a brilliant and enlightening lecture on the roll of the lawyer in court and he offered us fantastic guidance and advise about presenting pleadings in court.

Advocate David Thompson discussed ‘A trial of skill’ and lectured us on the drafting of craves and general principles in Scots Law. Both of these eminent speakers gave me fantastic material for my mind maps which depict both of their lectures beautifully.

The advanced criminal litigation class was led by Advocate Michael Meehan who delighted us with a film of a trial which was made for us and filmed in Glasgow sheriff Court. The film lasted three hours and covered a summary prosecution from beginning to end. It is invaluable to the learning process of us soon to be lawyers and assists us in piecing together the process with the help of some of Scotland’s greatest legal minds.

The corporate class again did not fail to disappoint me. Alan Stewart of HBJ Gateley Wareing gave a brilliant lecture on the over view of the course and our tutors explained the role we will be undertaking over the next 11 weeks. The aim is to familiarize us with the practical aspects of corporate law and our first tutorial saw us checking company’s house, discussing company formation and drawing on our legal knowledge gained from the LLB. Corporate and commercial law were both part of the LL.B so we have already the knowledge of the law and will instead seek to gain experience in how to apply the law to real situation.

I was delighted in the BEFPA class as @BrianInkster is my tutor. We spent two hours discussing the role of the Law society and the structure of law firms in a light and informative way. Brian proved to be an excellent and tutor and got brownie points from all of us as he provided us with ‘chocolate’.

The fun part is that we are to invest a hypothetical sum in a FTSE company and we will follow our investment over the next few weeks and the winner will receive a prize.

The end of the first week also saw all the diploma students sitting the civil litigation exam which had been cancelled due to the snow just before Christmas. There were smiling faces afterwards so hopefully it went well for everyone.

The week ended on a high note with news that two Diploma students Simone Lucas and Katy Richards have won the Scottish leg of the Client Counselling competition the International final to be held in Maastricht Well Done Simone and Katy.

This win is the second so far for the new Diploma in legal Practice at University of Glasgow ( you may remember that Matthew Lennon and I picked up the first back in October) winning the prestigious Annual Sheriff Moot presided over by Lord Bannatyne in October and like two hero’s reclaimed the trophy back from Strathclyde University with delight.

The trophy sits in the law Workshop for all to see as sadly we don’t have a trophy cabinet yet in the Alexander Stone Building Diploma but as we now have TWO trophies I think we better get one.

A good first week. It’s starting to brighten up weather wise and the moral on the diploma is lifting too as more and more students finally secure traineeships. In one of my classes 8 out of 12 had traineeships, so that’s good.

Thank you for following my journey through the Diploma in Legal Practice at the University of Glasgow.
Michelle Hynes


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