Is Planting The Seed of Social Media Enough ?

Brian Inksters delivered a land mark academic lecture on Legal Marketing and IT to Diploma in Legal Practice students at University of Glasgow this week .(Click here to watch) . Is planting the seed enough ? what will make it grow?
Though Brian’s Lecture was sheer brilliant – I fear it is not enough.From a students perspective this lecture was awesome. Having studied at the University of Glasgow since 2005 I found the topic of legal marketing and IT to be inspiring and hopefully indicative of the Universities new forward thinking approach to the study of Law.

It was a bit of a shock to the system for many of the students though who have never encountered the real world of practice or even business and whilst I am aware of the technology from personal use and my many years in marketing and business many students can only imagine what a real practice is like.

It was an innovative approach to try to reach into the minds of impressionable young law students and try to plant to seed of technology. But what will make that seed grow?Questions that followed in the tutorials included ‘ When do you tweet, how long does it take you, how much time should be spent on twitter, should I update my Linked in or start a new one. How do I set up a blog, what do I say?

Students wanted to know ‘what one would do if the firm you go to work for dosent tweet?’

All of these and many more questions are valid for law students who recieved one hour of (brilliant) lecture material from a top tweeter like Brian but will receive no more.

Is one hour enough ? ( I suggest NOT)

I cannot even begin to quantify the number of hours I have spent on technology over the last 3 years alone, let alone my extensive Marketing background and I still class msyelf as dipping my toe in to social media. (marketing is another thing all together as I have over ten years experience in international marketing and business)

What is next for the next generation of law students ? If their curiosity is roused where can they go for help? who can they ask?

Who will give them more training. Who will answer their questions Who will show them how to actually go about buiding their brand. If students are being encouraged to build their personal brand whilst at University then surely the University ought to provide methods of mentoring, showing them how, correcting the mistakes and at very least offering a point of contact of some one who can answer their questions.

Will Law firms offer this training as part of the training contract ? I just don’t know.

I commend University of Glasgow and Brian Inkster for taking the plunge and embracing new forms of legal communications but I fear that it is just simply not enough. In my opinion this should be a broader subject and be incorporated within the LL.B at very least.

And If you are a law firm with a new intake of trainees this summer remember they may have a burning desire for training in Social media because they learned about how important it is at University.

Michelle Hynes-McIlroy


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