Legaleaglemhm’s Tips :What Is A BLOG And Why You Should Have One

Law Students – How To Blog
When you are in the middle of your studies and you have course work to do and cases to read the last thing on your mind is a blog .

What is it ? Why do I need one?
Up until recently Law Schools probably would have told you not to bother but amidst the sociological revolution ( some call it a paradigm shift in communications) NOW is the time to start thinking about it.
Yes , I mean from day one of your degree.

Why start a blog Well there are lots of reasons but mainly that you create a presence on the internet. By creating and maintaining a blog you can build the brand that will become your way of life in the future.

What is a blog
I tried to explain this to both my mother aged 63 and my lil eagle aged 8 and here is what I came up with.

A blog is an on-line journal. Some people like to use it as a diary recording their every thought. Some use it to record an event , such as studying law or having a baby – what ever you choose.
Other use blogs as a kind of news paper , where they can choose to be the editor and journalist. This seems to appeal to the ego of many and I do like this aspect of it too.
You decide what goes in it or what makes front page.

Another important use for a blog is if you use it as part of a strategy yes, gosh thinking about strategy whilst in the middle of a contract essay might not seem relevant but seriously if you plan to join the legal profession you need to start listening in to whats happening and if you have an opinion then a blog is a good forum.

You can choose to ‘write ‘ a blog and include pictures, links to interesting articles etc or you can get on board the forward thinking brigade and start a video blog. It really is easy and you can get a free channel to host it on at you can post straight up to YouTube and send a link out via twitter , your blog and linkedin.

Which ever way you choose to use your blog is entirely up to you.
But what you Must think about now whilst you break from reading your case notes is – How do I create an on-line reputation for my career.Do it , think about it now and get blogging.

PS some call it blawwgging.

Have fun and enjoy and remember a Blog is not just for christmas it requires effort , patience and dedication – Law Students are used to those things.
Here are a few blogs to have a look at :
■Alistair Sloan

ashleyconnick blog

Send me a link to your blog please – I love seeing what all of us Law students are up to.
Happy Blogging folks

Michelle.L.Hynes LL.B

4 thoughts on “Legaleaglemhm’s Tips :What Is A BLOG And Why You Should Have One

  1. As I am sure is the same with many Law students, IT is not my strongest skill! At the moment I keep a personal blog on tumblr which is free, and I enjoy just updating this with titbits. I was wondering whether WordPress (which seems to be the law blog tool of choice) costs anything to maintain – from the basic research I’ve done on the matter it seems hosting costs need to be paid? For a student currently saving every penny to attempt to study abroad in an exchange, this is putting me off the idea of blogging. Any tips?


    • HI John
      That a very important point and as a Law Student myself cost is one of the very important factors – NO wordpress is FREE .

      Just go to and sign up- there are lots of templates too for styles and there are many examples of blogs also.
      Let me know how you get on and I will put a link to your blog on my blog and send lots of people to read your blog myself included.
      Goodluck and let me know how you get on.


  2. Thank you very much Michelle. Have started one up now and have added two quick posts to get myself up and running, hopefully shall generate a bit more content over the next week or so to get the blog really going. The URL is if you’d like to check it out – however I appreciate that you may not wish to link to a blog that is in such a state of infancy!


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