Ah Grasshopper – All Lawyers Need A Master Po

All Grasshopper Lawyers Need A master PO

Entering a legal office straight on completion of my LL.B (Hons) was a pretty scary experience. In September 2009 my journey of discovery began.

I had spent time during my undergraduate Bachelor Of Laws (Honours) degree in the offices of a few Glasgow solicitors and spent 4 years ‘mooting’ to extreme so when I graduated I decided I had to find the right ‘mentor’.

Was I looking for an easy option ?No.
Was I looking for a free pass to a traineeship ?NO
Did I think I would learn something more than just text-book law-YES
What I was looking for was a ‘mentor’ a real life Master Po to ‘Grasshopper’.
A well-respected and experienced Lawyer who could put me through my paces and learn me ‘the business’.

That business is LAW and that man is “Graham Walker LL.B,DipLP,NP’

As I journey through the Diploma in Legal practice at the University of Glasgow I find I am learning so much from legal practitioners around Scotland and for that I think the Glasgow Diploma is definitely helping to shape and mould the new batch of Scottish Lawyers but If I’m honest the ‘wax on wax off ‘ training I have received on a daily basis from my mentor Graham Walker is priceless.

Graham Walker is an Expert Niche Solicitor , Finalist in ‘Specialist Solicitor’ of the Year in the Law Awards 2010 and in 2009 he took me under his wing and introduced me to HIS business. This role was not as a trainee, office secretary or paralegal but as a key member of his team with a hands on approach to his Law firm.

As I had an extensive first career in Business and International marketing Graham saw something in me which allowed him to trust and value me with something he guards close to his own heart. His firm and his reputation.

Working directly with Graham on a daily basis I mean literally across the desk from him: he has taught me every single job necessary for the running of a small firm from making the tea emptying the waste paper bins ,filing, recruiting, marketing, court work, preparing files, forecasting,planning,filming,instructing,dealing with clients,complaints,testimonials,liasing with Procurator Fiscal,Crown Office,Advocates,The High Courts,QC’s, taking precognition statements, dealing with insurance companies, instructing experts and many more.I have worked with clients every step of the way learning from Graham how an experienced solicitor deals with the many different clients that come through your office door.

He has sent me to attend at court from the District Court up to the High Court of justiciary with counsel, research case,deal with a full workload of paralegal duties.
He has sent me out to many Locus attendances armed with video camera and note-book and he has talked personally through every step of the criminal process.
I have learned first hand excellent negotiating skill, skills of client management and of course several difficult and technical areas of law many solicitors never look at.

The training I have received so far even before I begin my traineeship in Practical ethics and practice management is absolutely second to none and I am honoured to have been given this last 17 months of what seemed at times very hard work and at other times an absolute joy.

As many of my fellow Diploma students embark on life as a trainee soon , I think about how removed many of them will be from the senior partners in their firms and this brings home exactly how valuable my training has been already.

I will soon leave the offices of www.roadtrafficlaw.com to commence my traineeship at Graham Walker Criminal Defence solicitors and I am very excited to do so.

It kind of feels like the Karate Kid Film and I may even buy a lovely Bonsai tree for my new office just to remind me – Thanks Graham for preparing me for life as a trainee solicitor.

For expert Legal Advice in any Road Traffic Law case or prosecution in Scotland contact Graham Walker @roadtrafficlaw

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