Diploma Week 17 – The Final Frontier

Diary of a Diploma student WEEK 17 – The Final Frontier

The Diploma in Legal Practice at the University of Glasgow keeps us ‘newbie lawyers’ on our toes.
The week beginning the 14th February 2011 kicked off on Valentines day with an assessed piece of course work for the advanced Civil litigation class.

We have been looking at Motions and Debates and this week we had each to present a Note of Argument and a Rule 22 Preliminary Plea and conduct a short debate on relevancy and specification.

It was fun preparing for it and each of us was given a time slot to appear before the judge.

I must admit I love doing this sort of thing as I really do feel at home being on my feet.
This week for us soon to be trainees, it’s ‘heads down’ and focussing on that finishing line as in 5 weeks time the classes will be over and all that will remain will be three exams.

Part of the Diploma in Legal practice is aimed at helping us enter the profession ‘thinking outside of the box’ and looking at the profession as a whole.

We are currently working on an essay on client Fees, letters of engagement and hourly rates.

We are also looking at the benefits of instructing counsel and how we explain those benefits to our clients.

With only just over a month to go , the excitement and hard work is rising. Students are tense and working hard.

Thank you for following my Diary of a Diploma student and I hope you will enjoy the next 5 weeks.

Michelle Hynes LL.B (Hons)

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