Silk – Will it create ‘New Lawyers’ ?

Law Comix Lawyer / Artist kindly allowed me to put this brilliant cartoon on my blog?
With all the chat about the recent Drama on Tv ‘Silks’ (which I have never watched nor will have time nor inclination to watch I might add , given that all my time is spent either, taking care of my lil eagles, working in Law and studying real Law ) – I thought this cartoon fits wonderfully with my post from last week and the changing face of the Legal Profession.

What kind of Lawyer will you become?
Many Thanks to Charles Pugsley Fincher

Have a look at Charles’ Blog for more wonderful ‘legal cartoons’


2 thoughts on “Silk – Will it create ‘New Lawyers’ ?

  1. Great cartoon, I’m gonna be Denny Crane when I grow up! I do think some students have unrealistic expectations, but surely it’s kind of like joining the army and expecting to end up in the A-team.


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