LAW :Diary of a Diploma Student – Tears and Eggshells

Diary of a DIploma Student – Tears and Egg shells

I started of the week on a bit of a High with thoughts that in around two weeks time the course will be over. What a week this has been.

Monday 7th of March 2011 brought a bright spring morning and a fantastic lecture once again by David Thomson Advocate on Civil Appeals.

This was followed closely in class by discussions on ‘Leave to appeal’ and the criteria and legislation used to determine if “leave is required to be sought’
This subject is Advanced Civil litigation and is one of my electives this semester following on from Civil litigation last semester.

Due to the bad snow in january our exam for civil litigation was delayed and indeed the marks had not come out even as we began the Advanced course. I was of course ‘joyous’ this week to find out that not only had I passed civil litigation but I obtained a good mark too.

For many Diploma students the finishing post is now academic as more and more Diplomates have secured training contracts and ease their way past the post with the security of having a new firm to join at the end.

Sadly that is not the case for some of the students and tensions rise as successful diploma students walk on eggshells trying not to ‘gloat’ about having a training contract in front of others who do not.
I must say that There have been tears this week for some and emotions are running high with doubts and anxiety.

The release of the civil litigation results have also seen some students melt down as they realise that they now face re-sits as well as the end of term exams.

This week has also been an emotional rollercoaster outside of law for me with my eldest daughter taking ill and having to attend at A&E (thankfully all was resolved very quickly) and my youngest coming down with a sore throat.
Juggling University work , real work in the office and a family is always difficult as a single parent but mid-week I downed tools and attended to my girls (always my first priority).

The end of the week saw me playing catch up in furiously drafting a Note of Appeal as a last piece of course work for Advanced Civil Litigation Class.

Being immersed in a life of family and Law it is very easy to forget about the outside world to some extent but on Friday morning as the news broke of the Earthquake in Japan and the following aftermath , my studies fell to the bottom of my mind and I felt over whelmed by the enormity of the disaster and what the families over there are going through.

The couple of A’s I received this week seemed totally irrelevant in the bigger picture and I found myself giving my two little girls huge hugs and counting my blessings.

My journey through the Diploma in legal Practice at the University of Glasgow is nearly done.

It is now 13 days till end of teaching.( less than 2 weeks to go)

Thankyou for following my journey.

Michelle Hynes LL.B (Hons)


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