legaleaglemhm’s – end of an era

The end of an era.
The Eagles next journey

Life as a Law Student has been fun but as the Diploma in Legal Practice finished classes last week it closed a door on a very important chapter of my life.

I started studying in 2004 at the University of Glasgow and my youngest was under a year old. She is turning 8 this year.
Since I began studying I have watched her take her first steps, cut all her teeth, start school.
I have read law books whilst reading baby stories , nursery rythyms and nappies.I have watched my eldest blossom from a young girl to a young woman.
I have written over 100,000 words in academic law papers, collected 3000 books and met a whole raft of wonderful people.
I have gone from being a widow, to engaged, married and divorced.
I have sent over 30,000 tweets and written 75000 of a book.
I have over £26000 of student debt.
What have I learned ?

Well, apart from gaining an honours degree in Law and a Diploma in legal practice ( which I will not receive until the ceremony at the end of the year i have learned the following lessons:

1. Life is short and the formal academic part of law passes very quickly
2. Networking should be done from DAY 1 not 5 years later
3. Law , the practice of law begins when you start dealing with real clients – even copying is relevant as is making the tea.( Get real experience from first year)
4. You do not stop learning when you finish your academic studies
5. lawyers are human.
6. deadlines set at University are NOT realistic – shorten them , make them 1 day or in some cases 15 minutes
7 University is a wonderful experience
8 Students have no money -get used to it
9 Build a support network around you – I have my lil eagles and my family and wonderful friends- they all help you
10 – you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

As I move towards my life as a trainee solicitor I look back with very fond memories of my days at university but eagerly looking forward to practicing law

I hope you will continue to follow the journey of legaleaglemhm and my lil eagles

Michelle Hynes


8 thoughts on “legaleaglemhm’s – end of an era

    • Hey Drew,
      You are very welcome 🙂 Thanks for your comments I appreciate it
      The time will fly past before you know it. I just kept thinking of the little blue fish in finding nemo and I just kept swimming



  1. You are a truly inspirational woman.

    I cannot begin to image how it must be to follow your educational dream for so long.. I did a Masters when my ONE son was just 2 years old, and I thought I was a heroine! 🙂

    I am in awe of your strength, tenacity, focus. You KNOW life Michelle, so you will always know where your clients are coming from. That is a great gift, hard won I know…
    One of my favourite sayings is “When one door closes, another opens, you just need to be brave enough to walk through it”.

    Michelle, welcome to the rest of your life. You are going to shine. I know it. 🙂


  2. You are an inspiration to budding legals Michelle. As a mature student looking to follow a similar path into law your posts have helped me to keep positive and your advice on networking has been invaluable.

    Good luck with the TC.


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