The Legal Social Network – at @HarperMacleod

The Legal Social Network
31 March 2011

I am a bit in limbo just now in the period having finished the Diploma in Legal practice and starting traineeship.

A new trainee Steven Farmer ( a fellow University of Glasgow Diploma Student) has joined the team at and this week I have been helping him settle in and showing him the ropes before I move to my new role in the criminal defense side of the firm.

Today we attended at a seminar organised by @Harpermacleod on Generating Business on-Line.

The key focus of this very informative event was using technology to ensure that your law firm continues to attract new clients and during the course of the event we heard from Anne MacDonald Associate at Harper MacLeod and maestro of ‘connect to Law’ .

Stephen Moore of @casecheck and Moore Legal Technology opened the seminar with a brilliant overview of ‘The Website’ and discussed optimising your site for SEO purposes.
He offered a helpful Do and Don’t list and emphasised ‘Defining the purpose ‘ of your site keeping a watchful eye on search terms and of course content.
Stephens message was that the correct website can convert visitors into clients.

HM’s Marketing Manager Chris Davidson gave a fantastic over view of Social media including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin suggesting groups to join and applications to use. Chris’s talk was very interesting and even though I am well versed in the language of ‘twitter’ it goes to show that ‘you can learn old dogs new tricks’.

Switching to the dark side Harper MacLeod’s Associate Daradjeet Jagpal discussed the Risks of promoting your business on-line including monitoring employees contributions and ‘The cookie’ monster and the implications of having cookies enabled on your website and the legal requirements .

He spoke of data protection and the period of retaining data that you harvest from subscribers.

I did of course add a few of my own observations of using social media for law to the seminar ( by invitation from Anne and Chris of course)

All in all the event was great and was rounded off with a lovely buffet lunch and some chat with other law firms.

The purpose of our attendance today was to introduce our newest member of our team to the ‘networking’ area of the Scottish Legal Profession and to build on the relationships we have already developed for referrals in Scotland.

Coming away from the event we had gathered some business cards , met some more lawyers and Stephen had a great taste of Social media.

Networking – for new trainees is CRUCIAL for many different reasons – Do it and if you are a law firm send your team to network.

Heading back to the office to spend the rest of the day catching up was worth it and I certainly hope gave Steven flavour of our ‘ethos staying ahead of the curve.

Thank you for following my journey
Michelle Hynes


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