20 days After a coronary triple Bypass Legaleaglemhm – The recovery

Hi Folks

Well its now 20 days since I had open heart surgery and a coronary triple bypass. The initial shock of the operation was horrific to be honest. I felt like I had been run over or at least sawed in two ( which of course I have been ) but you just can’t keep a good legal eagle down.

I came home on christmas eve and we had a family christmas with my parents and little girls but looking back it was pretty much a blur. I was taking a lot of medication for the pain and moving was difficult. My chest wound runs from my neck down to nearly the middle of my tummy and although the stiches are disolving underneath there is metal wires holding my chest together. My movements feel very artifical as I try to move about.

sleeping is difficult as I needed to sleep up right on at least 7 pillows and the first week I dozed for only 10 – 20 minutes at a time.

This week has been so much better. I managed to lose a few pillows and can just about turn on my side now so I am getting a bit more sleep.

When I first came out of hospital on christmas eve I couldnt bend down, dress myself or get into the bath without help from my mum. ( its been many years since ive needed my mum to get me dressed tee hee)

Over the course of the last week I have built up my activities to walking 20 minutes a day. It is easy walking and afterwards I always feel exhausted but I feel like I am making great progress.

I can now dress myself and get in and out of the bath myself.

The down side is that my hair is falling out in clumps at the back. My GP tells me that it is due to the stress of both the illness ( my heart not working properly ) and the trauma of the operation. Luckily the bald patch is at the back of my head and my longer hair covers it for now.

My apetite is coming back an I am enjoying the taste of food again.

I have had lots of visitors and have ventured out for short distances which have lifted my spirits.

All in all my scars are healing on my chest and my legs but I still have a collapsed lung which I am told should re-inflate over time.

I have only needed to take pain killers at dinner time and just before I retire for the night now .

My body is still quite bloated and I am on water tablets to get rid of the fluid and to be honest I dont really look my best but my spirits and determination are high.

I am very excited at recovering well and I am planning lots of activities for my girls and I this summer.
All is good.
Tonight I painted a small acrylic canvas and enjoyed it very much.

Law seems like a million miles away at the moment as my priority is getting fit and well.

Thank you for following my progress I will keep you updated.

Michelle L Hynes

10 thoughts on “20 days After a coronary triple Bypass Legaleaglemhm – The recovery

  1. Michelle

    I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but I came across your website via a tweet by Paul Hutchinson at Hutchinson Law.

    I had a triple heart by pass 7 years ago (I was 40!) and although it was a hell of a shock – it was spotted in a healthcheck my mum bought me for my 40th (my dad died at 42 when I was 6)!

    My recovery sounds just like yours – slowly but surely – you’ll get there – don’t overdo it!

    I’m totally recovered now – have even done a couple of Olympic length triathlons, so, just to say ‘keep going’ and all the best!

    Andy Hanselman


    • Hi Andy

      Wow thanks for your comment it totally inspires me. I am 44 and I really am looking on this as a new lease of life. Its hard to gauge how well or not one is doing with no-one to compare with. I already feel better now than I did 6 months ago when no-one knew what was wrong.

      Thanks Andy x


  2. Michelle, OMG I had no idea you had been through so much. I was just browsing the web and ended up here via following links in tweets. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a tough time but very glad that you are getting better. Andy’s advice seems spot on to me and I very much hope you have an especially lovely summer with your girls this year.

    Kind regards and all the best for a full recovery!


  3. Hi Michelle & Andy
    Not sure where you guy’s are or with you respective recoveries, but if possible I would dearly love to hear from you when you can.
    I was born in the UK but moved permenently to Australia with my wife & youngsters in the late 80’s aged 31.
    Now aged 54 I had an Angiograph yesterday with the expectation of having a stynt installed & then coming home to a normal life & continuing full employment.
    However like yourselves I am now l scheduled for a Triple By-pass procedure & would be lieing if I said I was not at all scared.
    I already have an appointment with the Surgeon for Frday 8th June just 3 days after the Angio.
    However other than knowing surgery is neccessary I know nothing!!
    What do I say to my employer? how long will it all take? will I make a full recovery can I return to by normal duties? does this mean a reduced life expectancy? let alone the potential financial burdenetc etc etc.
    I know it is a lot to ask but can you talk me through it.
    It would be much appreciated.


      • Sorry for the delay with this reply, I did try a few weeks ago but I fear it went into cyber-space never to be seen again.

        Today is day 42 post surgery & I am exceptional.
        Mid afternoon on Thursday July 12th was the main event & I was allowed home on the following Tuesday morning the 17th.
        I had the final sutures from where the drains were removed taken out on Saturday 21st at my GP Clinic & happened to meet the Nurse who did the initial ECG that started the whole process. I was at that stage still hunched over a little & she commented that I looked a little Sore & Sorry. I could not help but smile at her & say “I am indeed very Sore but most definitely NOT Sorry, thank-you”.
        I must state that all the medical staff have been marvellous, especially the Nursing & Ward Staff in the Coronary Ward at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.
        Just six days after leaving hospital my daughter took me back for a quick visit so we could give to them a thank-you card & small gift as a token of our appreciation & respect for the difficult/demanding work they do. As it happens I have been back every week since as a reassurance volunteer with Heartbeat Inc, a group that supports this particular medical discipline & clientele.
        By doing so I get to talk with pre & post operative patients & address their concerns etc. From experience we know it helps to talk with someone who has been through it & knows what it is like.

        Rehab started for me at 4 weeks & already 3 of the 6 (once a week) sessions are complete, now at week six I feel great & am capable of 2 brisk three kilometre walks every day.

        Looking forward to returning to work in another six weeks should be back to full fitness/flexibility.

        Please let me know how you are & how your trip went.


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