Legaleaglemhm’s Blog – My recovery 1 month:There’s no such thing as a ‘Good Dead Lawyer’

24th January 2012.

It’s now a month since I underwent major heart surgery to deal with a life threatening blockage inside my heart. I thought you needed stamina to study Law for 7 years. Gosh, how surprised I have been over this last 4 weeks at how much strength one needs recover from a triple heart Bypass.

I am 44 years of age and relatively young to have a Bypass so I thought that the recovery would be a ‘walk in the park‘ but It has been a slow process and one which has tested my skills of determination and perseverance to the limits.

In the last 4 weeks I have felt a whole range of emotions from despair, isolation,pain,helplessness to that yippee feeling of being alive that I like so much. I just wish I could stay in that mode every moment.

I can now walk for up to 40 minutes and more a day. My wounds on my chest and leg are healing well and my collapsed lung Is inflating itself slowly.

I have settled into a slower pace than before and I am now accepting the fact that I will not be back to Law until after the summer. I no longer need painkillers during the day and I am only taking them when I retire for the night.

Today I have had my first check up by the doctors who are happy with my progress. My blood pressure is good 110/74 and I am up and about every day now taking my lil eagle to school and collecting her.

Tomorrow I start a programme of cardiac rehabilitation which aims to build my physical strength over the next 10 weeks.

Knowing that I have the next few months off to recover gives me some breathing space to make some time for me and my girls.

This has been a horrible experience but the joy comes from knowing that I was one of the lucky ones as they found the blockage inside my heart , many people are not aware and are walking around with it.

Thank you for reading my blog and following my progress. Perhaps you can do something for me , well actually it’s for yourself really. Stop and take a deep breath. Learn to relax more, spend time with your children and love ones. incorporate relaxation into your day and tackle stress, it’s not good for you.
Eat healthy, exercise more and try to lower your collesteral. Stop smoking and drink moderately.

If you are experiencing chest pains , even if you think it’s just a twinge see your doctor or go to A&E.

Know that there no such thing as a ‘good dead lawyer’, or what ever you may do for a job. Family is everything and life is precious.

watch this space for I will recover and I will be back.



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