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29th January 2012

5 Weeks ago at the age of 44 I underwent open heart Cardiac Bypass surgery having three grafts (triple bypass)and I am very happy to report that I am gradually getting better. The recovery from the operation has been slow but I am making really good progress.

Here is a short clip which explains what happens in a Cardiac Bypass operation .Click here.

My chest and leg wounds are healing really well and I am no longer on pain killers but I will of course be on medication for life.

My heart condition is a hereditary one which doctors say has caused a blockage inside my main artery and this means that I will have to be very careful with diet and exercise for the rest of my life.

I have also agreed to be part of a clinical trial which means I will be monitored more over the next 5 years to see how the grafts hold up in my heart.

This week I started Cardiac re-habilitation which is a 12 week program of exercise and consultations with a dietician and physiotherapist to help me build my strength again.

My spirits are high and the general pain from the op has started to reduce and I can honestly say that life is starting to get back to normal.

I cannot lift anything heavy and I still need to have a nap in the afternoon but gradually I expect to resume my normal life bit by bit every day.

I am amazed at the skill of the doctors and health professional who looked after me and I now feel like I can start to rebuild my life with my girls.

It may take me an extra year to complete my Post graduate LLM but hey, who’s counting.

Every day I become more focussed on my future and life with my family and my life in Law. It is exciting.

Thank you for following my progress.



3 thoughts on “Legaleaglemhm Blog – The Future

  1. Long story short , being a single mother at the age of 44 on December 28, 2011 I had a heart attack which led to me having a triple bypass on
    January 4 , 2012 after returning home and some online surfing I came across your story which really seemed to mirror my own in so many ways I have waited for an update and even though I don’t know you hope you are doing great seeing how you have not updated I hope this is due to the fact that you have made a full recovery and have returned to a busy work life . Good luck and take care .


  2. As a frequent reader (but infrequent commenter) I just wanted to drop by and wish you well in your recovery. Regards


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