The NEW legal eagle – 12 weeks since cardiac bypass surgery

A New Me – Life after Cardiac Bypass Surgery

My apologies for not uploading an update sooner but I have been busy LIVING…it feels great to say that.

After my open-heart surgery at Christmas I felt unsure as to how I would be feeling now 12 weeks on. It was a bleak time for my family and to be honest I felt like I had been run over by a bus.

Slowly and surely I started to heal. First my leg wound which is about 9 inches long and from where the surgeons harvested the arteries to be used inside my heart. I had a few problems with this wound.

My collapsed lung mended itself after about 6 weeks.

And my chest wound blends in now with my cleavage so it is not that noticeable anymore. I have bought some chunky necklaces, which hide to the top of the scar.

About 5 weeks ago I started cardiac rehabilitation and I go to classes at the Gartnavel General twice a week. Over the last few weeks I have been building up my fitness levels slowly. Increasing my walking and jogging – yes jogging.I now walk for at least 2 hours a day.

My cholesterol has dropped to 4.0, which are within range, and my surgeon has discharged me telling me to – go live my life.

I can honestly say that I feel better now with a fully working heart than I have done in the last 10 years.

On Saturday I walked 10k and I have been doing 80 sit-ups every morning.

Having open-heart surgery terrified me and the operation was traumatic but what scared me more was the thought of not spending the rest of my girl’s life with them.

SO. ………Having now made a full recovery and with the blessings of my doctor I am spending the next three months travelling.

In a weeks time we head out to Cape Verde islands just off the cost of Africa for a holiday. At the end of April I am going to New York City with my eldest daughter and at beginning of June I am heading out with NASA and International Space School Educational Trust on an astronaut led leadership program and trek in the Gobi desert Mongolia and on to China to see the Great Wall. To round off this first leg of travels I am heading out with my family to Barbados to lie in the sunshine for two weeks and work on my tan.

On return I will be returning to a life in Law and a new job as a trainee solicitor.That will all be covered in another post – but it is very exciting.

I will also be retuning to University of Glasgow to finish my LL.M I started in Intellectual property Law and the Digital Economy.

Having the cardiac bypass not only saved my life but it gave me a new perspective and view on life. Every day is precious and I am living it.

If anyone reading this is facing Cardiac surgery and are scared or just want to ask questions please get in touch .I may take a while to respond mind as my next round of trips include Peru, Iceland and South Africa.

Hope you all have a great day. I will be blogging about all my trips.

Thanks for following my journey.

The new and revitalised Michelle Hynes LL.B (Hons) DipLP

3 thoughts on “The NEW legal eagle – 12 weeks since cardiac bypass surgery

  1. Michelle, you are such an amazing inspiration! I hope you come back with some equally amazing-good memories of your travels. What a beautifully kind gesture, to let people know that they can come to you if they are facing Cardiac surgery.

    Wishing you every success on your return to work and Uni.


  2. Wonderful to read that you are doing so well. Enjoy your travels – I’m sure the world will seem even brighter and better with your new perspective and you will relish all the opportunities and experiences visiting such places will offer.


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