New York New York – An Eagles View


Wow, the city that never sleeps .

New York was awesome . Though, I can understand why now -everyone has jet lag !
Our trip out to USA turned out to be a whirlwind adventure as I encountered drivers like I have never seen before and I rad test my fixed heart whilst I was there, and climbed to the 86th floor of the Empire State building . (there was of course a lift up to 80 but it did feel good taking the stairs up to the observation deck )
Our first time in New York amazed me and I enjoyed the banter from the tour guide new Yorker cab driver . He gave us a running commentary all the way from Newark International Airport right into Manhatton .My lil eagle was amazed by the ‘men in black’ tunnel even before we got as far as Manhatton and given the driving of our guide I half expected our cab to flip upside down and travel along the roof .
We had so much to cram into our 5 days that we only scratched  the surface of this friendly big city but oh boy ,yup it was friendly, I nearly picked myself up a new opera singing husband over breakfast as the manager of a lovely 48th street restaurant told us tales of how his father was born in Sauchiehall street Glasgow (not far from Partick) and how he wanted a Scottish wife. It did make my girls laugh and me blush.

Taking a tour bus around Manhatton was a good way to get our bearings and catch some sights. On the day we took our tour the Freedom Tower officially overtook the Empire State building as the highest skyscraper in New York standing at 1271 ft.

It was my big lil eagles 17th birthday whilst we were in New York so shopping was high on our agenda.Macy’s, Bloomingdales,Armani, the Disney shop,toys r us were all visited and visiting these stores with an 8 year old and two teenagers was costly !

I loved visiting Tiffany’s where I purchased a lovely early Birthday present from my girls yo ME  which is enscribed ” dream a little dream” – It kind o makes me think of how lucky I am that I can live this dream.

To balance out the hustle n bustle of frantic spend, spend, spend we visited the zoo in central park and took a slow ride in a horse drawn carriage around the park watching the day pass and the happy new Yorkers enjoying the sunshine.

Of course we tried the food. Waffles ,pancakes , new York pizza , ham burgers and it wouldn’t have be right not to buy pretzels and hotdogs from a street vender -when in Rome!!!

Kitting us all out in “I love new York ” hats,T shirts and sweatshirts we headed back to Glasgow after a very fast New York experience and one I hoped girls will keep very fond memories off.

New York was very different from our trip to Cape Verde and I enjoyed the contrast .
With two trips under my belt in my ‘around the world adventure’ I can truthfully say that if my wee heart can stand up to the crazy driving of new York cabbies in rush hour then it’s ‘fit to go’ !!!

Thank you for following
My adventures .

Next trip in 3 weeks to Mongolia and china

Michelle Hynes

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