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10 tips to successful blogging
1. Keep it short
2. Keep it updated
3.engage – yes it may not be twitter but you can engage with your blog
4.keep it real
5.invite ‘guest bloggers’
6.Use twitter and facebook to promote your blog
7.make time to blog – even 15 minutes a day can keep your blog updated other blogs and comment too the world of ‘blogging’ is growing
9.Add images and video

Have a great day folks from Sunny Partick in Glasgow’s West End

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  1. Wow what a read!! I was just googling ‘my bypass’ and suddenly got lost in your op/ recovery and trials. What an inspiration!! I was googling because my husband had similar sudden chest pains like you, sudden tiredness and gp at the time did not take it seriously….so he changed gps and within a week was getting an angiogram and the same shocking news as you…. Anyway he had the bypass 11weeks ago and all is pretty good except his ankles swell a bit soi was trying to find out if this happened to other people. Anyway i got lost in your tales and have been thoroughly fascinated and entertained by you!! I wish you well!! Trish


    • Hi Trish

      Thanks for your lovely comments.I had arteries harvested from my left leg and inside my breast . My left leg scar is about 9 inches long and my left leg swells at night around my scar and my foot its not as bad now as it used to be but yes my GP said that it’s de to the circulation . My left foot sometimes looks very puffy and my toes look like sausages . It doesn’t hurt and I’m told it will get better with time.

      Best wishes to your brave hubby and I hope you follow. Y adventures as I head out to Mongolia and china next



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