Twitter you are magical !Next Stop – The Gobi Desert

Hi everyone thanks for continuing to follow my journey.You might be wondering why on earth I am heading out to the Gobi desert in Mongolia? How did this happen and what’s it all about.

Well I shall keep this post relatively short but to be honest Twitter brought this all together for me .

I have been following a wonderful adventurous lady on twitter for some time Hazel Richards @snowbirdie.( If you aren’t following her then now is the time)

Whilst I was in hospital before my heart operation( I had a triple cardiac bypass 20 weeks ago)  I spent time reading lots of blogs and hers stood out more than anyone elses.

I was so in awe of the fact that she has been to the Antarctic that I read lots of her posts and vowed that If I made it through surgery I too would follow my  dream and become an adventurer.

Well, I made it through surgery and blogged about my recovery and can you imnagine @snowbirdie told me of her next adventure, a trek to the Gobi desert on an astronaut leadership program with International Space School Educational Trust and NASA astronaut and NASA trainer Ken Ham and Michelle Ham. Would I like to go along ? Would I ever!!!!

After receiving some shocked responses from my nearest and dearest I visited my doctor who gave me the thumbs up to go and the ball started rolling.

A late night phone call to my sister @gillianoneil confirmed that I would be travelling with my best buddy and fellow adventurer Gillian to The Gobi desert.

Here is a link to what its all about .

We will be witnessing the last ever transit of Venus of our lifetime (next one is not until 2117)

our itinery

Its now 18 days till we go and I am very excited.

So thanks to magical twitter, a wonderful adventurous lady and a brilliant heart surgeon Mr Butler who fixed my heart Im off !! To be continued………….

Thankyou for following my journey.

You can also follow Gillian and I whilst we are out there on our video blog here at

Michelle Hynes @legaleaglemhm

3 thoughts on “Twitter you are magical !Next Stop – The Gobi Desert

  1. You are an inspiration michelle, not only to me but to the many who have had knocks in their life. Keep inspiring as with every challenge conquered or attempted a positive effect will be felt by you and everyone around you.


    • John
      Thank you so much for this lovely comment.I really hope that I can inspire people as life is too short and can be so harsh that every moment is worth the effort.

      best wishes



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