The World of “Things That Cannot be seen” – It’s Law but not as we know it.

As a new lawyer now recovered from heart surgery I am about to  venture over 6000 miles on an Astronaut leadership course in 9 days.Have a look at the adventure details

What’s this got to do with Law ?

EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!

You know, we often look to the past, through history to help us prepare for the future: in all walks of life and law is no exception.

History gives us a ‘road map’ that we can refer to when we need to prepare for a new journey.

But sometimes, just sometimes we cannot look to history. Sometimes we need to do exactly what astronauts train for. We need to prepare for a new landscape. A new world where there is no history and no Law.

A world where the Law hasn’t been determined. Where there is no precedent.

As we reach the half way mark of 2012 more and more emphasis in everyday life is placed on the internet, on virtual world, and even on virtual laws the law governing ‘those THINGS that cannot be seen’.

Intellectual Property law  is an exciting area of law which until now was generally left to those artist, film makers , authors and commercial developers and inventors. Now with the growth of the virtual world, Intellectual property (IP) has come to everyone.

Ordinary people now wonder about their Intellectual Property Rights in in their own blogs, Facebook  and twiiter accounts.

Privacy and Rights are now rising from the mubblings of some academics and legal fraternity to coming from the mouths of the ordinary man in the street.

Even ‘Bettys Hotpot’ on last nights episode of Corination street sparks inquiries regarding this ‘thing that cannot been seen’ Intellectual property.

Technology , inventions and medical advancements now rest upon not just a tangible world but a virtual one where the law is often foggy and undetermined. Tweets and Facebook posts, blogs and emails, more and more people search for answers to their questions about their on-line activity. Who will answer them and guide them  ?

As I embark on my career as a trainee solicitor in the field of Intellectual Property I need to prepare myself with more skills than just my LL.B (Hons) and my Diploma in Legal practice – I need to ‘boldly go where no woman has gone before’ – out with the astronauts  of NASA to prepare for the new world.

To be able to take those skills of leadership, navigation and determination and give them back to my clients and help businesses, entrepreneurs,digital and creative companies  navigate through the new world of `things that can’t be seen’ A new world of life on-line.

Follow my journey – It will be one of discovery.


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