UKBlawg Roundup 12 – Christmas Edition: There once was a Lady who lived in a Shoe

Merry Christmas from legaleaglemhm and the lil eagles

Merry Christmas from legaleaglemhm and the lil eagles

UK Blawg Round Up Christmas 2012


Merry Christmas

The Twelve Law Blogs of Christmas and the story of an unfortunate Lady who lives in a shoe she has so many children she doesn’t know what to do.

I was delighted to have been invited to host this years UKBR12 and I have been giving the round-up much deliberation whilst travelling to Lapland to visit Santa with my lil eagles.

In what style should I write?  How light-hearted could I make it? How serious should it be?It is Christmas after all.

Tis the season of goodwill, of sharing and caring and of stuffing your face with mince pies.

Along side this merry image we have of Christmas though there is of course a dark side to Christmas that is often forgotten. Families in turmoil, children neglected, road traffic accidents, arrests, and disputes and of course New Years resolutions and plans for the future and New Year to come.

After the most amazing year and one which has found me travelling around the world on a journey of discovery and recovery. It has been a pleasure to review some of the most wonderful and inspiring Law blogs around in the UK.

What is the purpose of Blogging? To inform, to advertise, to share or is it just to engage? No matter what the reason it is safe to say that Blogs or (Blawgs) make me smile. They make me question current affairs, they give me ideas and the inspire me.

It has been debated, argued and defended yet despite the critics I actually just enjoy reading Blogs by lawyers aspiring, new and old about areas of Law that I wouldn’t normal have time in my day to study in any great detail.

Exactly 12 months ago I had major Open-heart surgery and I have spent the whole year enjoying my second chance at life.

Whilst I did return to law briefly to start a traineeship with Cloch Solicitors  in August my health had not fully recovered and I realized that I would be better to be back to full health before I continued.

At present I am loving life ,researching Law and spending time as a Business Angel whilst helping my lil eagle launch her first business venture Dogs Love Couture.

(Apologies for the plug there but I could not help myself)

I hope you enjoy my very special Christmas 2012 UK Blog Round up. I hope that it makes you smile and if it does then pass it on

Legal Notice

Disclaimer; All of the characters in the story of the unfortunately Lady who lives in a shoe with her children are fictional and any references to people alive or dead should be disregarded No culpa is apportioned to any living person as at date of writing and I accept no liability for any de(farm)ation should you happen to be a farmer, who likes cavorting with milk maids or a farmer who oils the wheels of your tractor on a dance floor whilst entertaining 9 ladies dancing to the slosh . Nor will I accept any liability from any advise given henceforth within the story as always remember that Legal advice should be sought if these scenarios apply to events that transpire within your own life.

Michelle. L. Hynes LL.B (Hons) Dip LP Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved  @Legaleaglemhm

There once was a Lady who lived in a shoe

Her name was Flora. She was single. She met her partner William  on-line and he was a farmer with assets of some considerable sums. They co-habited for a period before marrying and producing tree beautiful children of the relationship.

This tale is one of woe and heartbreak mixed with joy and laughter. Sit back and read and watch the tale unravel. (You can hum the tune to the twelve days of Christmas if you like – here is a link if you don’t know it)

On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me …………a partridge in a pear tree.

Flora was entitled to the partridge. It  was her Human Right! Or was it????

A great Blog, which addresses current Human Rights issues, is The UK Human Rights Blog.

Adam Wagner, Rosalind English and Angus McCulloch QC write the Blog.

With articles ranging from the Peaceful enjoyment of property’ to Article 8 | Right to private and family life

Adam is the founding and commissioning editor of the UK Human Rights Blog. He was long listed for the 2011 Orwell Prize for blogging. He is a practicing barrister and tenant at 1 Crown Office Row, specializing in public law, human rights and medical law. He has been appointed to the Attorney General’s ‘C’ Panel of Counsel and is ranked in Chambers and Partners 2013 as a leader in his field for civil liberties and human rights.

Twitter: @adamwagner1

Rosalind is a former academic who now edits the Human Rights and Public Law Update online Journal and undertakes comparative and public law research for members of chambers. She also records and edits audio streamed seminars for the resources section of the Chambers website. She edits and contributes to the National Health Legal Service’s Authority’s Human Rights Newsletter.

Twitter: @rosalindenglish

Angus McCullough has a practice, which covers public law (including human rights), professional negligence, and regulatory and disciplinary law. He has particular expertise in the fields of health and the environment, and frequently appears in inquests. In 1997 he was appointed by the Attorney General to the panel of Counsel to the Crown and in 2002 was appointed to the ‘A’ List of this panel. He was appointed a QC in 2012

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me……….two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

After a period of courtship Flora and William began cohabiting  in a property owned solely by William . Flora needed some advice about terminating her tenancy with her landlord for her current bachelorette pad. She instantly looked up a brilliant blog by Tessa Shepperson the landlord’s blog and started to read about rights and obligations of landlords and tenants

Tessa Shepperson, a solicitor and specialist in residential landlord and tenant law. Originally from London, now living in Norwich in Norfolk, England UK.

On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me 4 French hens.

William was of course a very wealthy farmer and had a second farm in France .What a catch thought Flora. Yes ! this is a UK Roundup but I cannot miss the wonderful Clarinette a French legal eagle and IP Law specialist. .

On the fourth  day of Christmas my true love gave to me 4 Colly birds?

But did he own the Colly birds? Were they his to give away? Now that we have had a dispute (I can’t stand him any more he is trying to get them back. Help? what should I do? – Mediation is it the answer ? Lets ask Charon QC what he thinks! The witty wise man who likes to watch ducks and drink wine will no doubt offer a few words of wisdom to our damsel in distress. If not he will no doubt know someone who will. CharonQCs blog provides hours of endless humour, debate and of course fantastic drawings and artwork. No blog round-up would be the same without his input. I hope for a good read in the New Year and I do hope to be able to meet Mike in person in 2013.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 5 Gold rings.

Yes, you got it we have made up.

The romance is back on and he has bought me gold. Do you think we should get a pre nuptial agreement going? He’s asked me for my hand in marriage.  He wants to get married in the Caribbean. Do we need a license? Can we get married on the beach? Help I need a lawyer.Jump over to twitter and you will find hundreds of them all typing away on their iPads and on their phones at all hours day and night.

Signing on to Gavin Wards Blawg about Family law will  direct our Flora to some fantastic articles and tips about all areas of family law. Gavin is a star in blogging and tweeting circles. Follow him on twitter @Gavward. Whilst Gavin is not practising Law he is of course a solicitor and wonderful social media guru with tips covering all areas of law. These articles assist professionals and clients too and he is a constant source of knowledge for law students. He is also a top bloke.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 6 Geese a lying.

Actually never mind ‘geese a laying’ it’s me who will be nesting soon as I am having triplets!!!! What am I entitled to? Can I get maternity pay from the mill?

Does he have to pay maintenance, as we have fallen out AGAIN. the saga continues….Does this sound familiar?

On the seventh day of Christmas our Flora was driving her horse and cart in an (allegedly)  somewhat careless manner when she spotted two gentlemen in reflective clothing hiding in the bushes just in front of her. Waving a speed gun then motioned for her to stop, which she did and now they tell her that she was in fact doing 40 mph in a 30 Zone.  How on earth can she deal with this matter? Logging on to her trusty blogs she found a  really interesting road traffic blogs.

Fantastic she thought as she called Graham Walker to sort out her speeding ticket.

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 8 Maids a milking.

The scoundrel, the cad! I’ve just found out he’s been prancing around with those milkmaids again. Is this ground for divorce? I want the farm for the bairns and me.  The maids are living in the barn and I am suffering from lack of martial rights. Who can I turn to? I need a friend.

A favorite blog of mine is My divorcing friend by Fiona Sasan of Morton Fraser which offers inspiring and informative posts about divorce – The ‘who to go to’ with the personal touch.

Can you stereotype the adulterer!!! Interesting posts, frequent updates and a  friend for aggrieved spouses – where else would you go. I will bear this in mind if I ever take the plunge again and throw off my ice maiden persona as that of the Lady in the shoe with so many children she doesn’t know what to do.

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 9 ladies dancing.

Yes , Im single again the girls and me are off on a Christmas night out.

It’s a barn dance. The negligent farmer who owns the barn must have been oiling his tractor wheel on the dance floor. We were all up doing the barn dance when I slipped and hurt my neck. I had to be taken by horse and cart to the infirmary in the big city and I now have a cast on my arm, how am I going to hold and feed the triplets? My boss won’t give me wages and I’ve cried myself to sleep at night with worry and shock. It all keeps coming back to me in slow motion. What should I do?


On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 10 Lords a leaping.

I am now here at the Supreme Court in London after my case was thrown out in Edinburgh High Court. My advocate tells me we have a good case for an appeal. She is Hot and wow you should hear her on her feet. She has the ear of the court. These Lords should really stop that leaping it is quite off-putting.

The Supreme court blog offers a wealth of interesting articles spanning all areas of law and is a must read.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me 11 pipers piping

Woooohooooooo we won our appeal. But what is that noise all about.

On the twelve day of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 drummers drumming.

I’ve started a band with these twelve handsome drummers. My manager wants our drummers to sign a contract but hey ho I can’t even read the 125 pages of terms and conditions let alone sign my name after all I still have a sore arm from the fall. I need some help in reviewing the contract terms. How do I protect the band’s name? What about our image and logo can I get copyright? How does it all work.

A brilliant blog and one which always features on my reading list is

After all this drama in the last twelve days I’ve decided to buy the triples and I a nice new croft so we can live peacefully ever after. I need to know what the law is for crofters?

For this area you need specialist advice and the team at Inkster’s pride themselves on exactly that.

And finally now my triplets have grown I would like them to go to a really good University. Can you suggest some good Law schools? Fran and Anna and Harry all want to study law. They have been so impressed with all the lawyers we have met over last 12 months that they would like to walk in their footsteps. They are all signed up on twitter and follow all of the following Law blogs, which they think are all great. Have a look and if you agree then pass this story on.

One inspiring law student is Alistair Sloan. Law students are the  future backbone of the profession . Have a heart this Christmas and follow them on twitter and read their blogs. They are your colleagues of the future and need as much help as the profession can give.

One final review encapsulates all of the blogs of the year and that is The Time Blawg. A supernova blog which links lawyer types, students and professionals to discuss current issues surrounding the new emerging use of technology and social media. Presented by An award winning team headed up by Brian Inkster and with a forward thinking outlook their blogging sets the pace for all bloggers in the profession. Have a look at some of the posts this year .

The most recent post discusses why lawyers can take breaks from twitter and yes this is close to my heart as I have interrupted my blogging and tweeting over the course of 2012 to focus on something even more important than law, my health, my family and Life in general.

I cannot end this round-up with out giving a mention to some of the fantastic law blogs that have made me smile, made me question and made me go back to my books and re-read you are all wonderful – Happy Blogging for 2013

Jobsworth Employment Law Explained

Az Rights IP Brand Blog

Baby Barista Blog at The Guardian

Hampshire Lawyer

LegalBrat Blog

Legal Futures Blog

Whilst Law , Blogging and tweeting is an important part of being a lawyer today it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all and lose sight of that very important work life balance.

This Roundup is intended to be in the spirit of Christmas , light-hearted and of course slightly tongue in cheek.

The Scottish Legaleagle is back , rested , well-travelled and with a working heart.

Merry Christmas from the Lady who lives in a shoe and her many litteuns aka Legaleaglemhm and the Lil eagles.

Follow legaleaglemhm on twitter.

God Bless you everyone.

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