Top 50 Ways Law…

Top 50 Ways Lawyers are using twitter – can you add to the list What are ‘Lawyers’ really using twitter for?Twitter; we know it’s there and we use it (each of us differently) but what trends are forming and how is the profession using it for business and for ‘law’?

Marketers tell us how to ‘check our companies social media policy’ and how to ‘gain followers’ and how to ‘communicate’ but what exactly are lawyers using twitter for. As there does not seem to be a definition of ‘lawyer’ available I use the term ‘Lawyer’ in the loosest form of the word gathering into this group law students, jurists, writers of legal commentary ,practitioners, solicitors, advocates and barristers together with legal publications and paralegals. In fact, anyone who works in the legal field.

Here is a list of a 50 plus activities currently being undertaken by ‘Lawyers’ on twitter.

Communicating new skills for students

and trainees Discussing law Legal education Reputation building Finding a law school Recruiting new law students Asking legal questions Socializing Peer learning Discussing legislation Making referrals Obtaining subscribers Advertising Accessing legislation Communicating with client Obtaining funding Securing traineeship Letting off steam Recruiting a new partner for firm Blawging Connecting with colleagues Promoting charitable events Motivating staff Marketing Providing ‘access to justice’ Collaboration across jurisdiction Voicing one’s own opinion Accessing global news Accessing on-line journals Engaging Finding Experts Creating a ‘future’ of law Discussing ‘The Bar’ Finding a Devil master Finding a pupilage discussing techniques of practice exchanging views sharing News getting tips for traineeship interviews links for blawgs sharing ‘mooting’ tips learning how to use ‘twitter’ learning how to use Linkedin and facebook event publicising Defrosting cold cases correcting Grammar arranging tweetups Debating issues Finding a trainee Researching Firms CPD Publishing research procrastinating helping insomia personal branding Showing Lawyers as ‘Humans’I am happy to add your activities to this list please tweet me @legaleaglemhm or email

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