TOP TIPS for 4th Year Law students – Writing your dissertation

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TOP TIPS for 4th Year Law students  – Writing your dissertation


The count down is on. We are now in September and the Autumn/fall brings something very exciting to all us legal geeks. Yes, the beginning of the academic year.

Do you remember starting first year? I bet it feels like a long time ago now. Every year as I moved forward from First year to second and second to third I swore to myself that I would be better organized. That I would have set times for study and that I would cope with the workload better.

Every single year after the initial weeks I felt one thing ‘SWAMPED”

I realized that 4th Year Law really was hard. I was determined to get through It

You will make it. You can choose the hard way ( if you like) reading and gathering all your notes and sweating…

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