Are you A BAD TWEETER ? – A Tale of a Tweeters Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas 2013 from legaleaglemhm

Legaleaglemhm's Blawg



Twas the Night before christmas and @Ebonezertweeter , a crotchety old lawyer was hard at work in his law office.

His office was cold.

It was devoid of any festive cheer and not a drop of tinsel could be seen.

He had every gadget going. He had an Ipad3, iPhone,windows phone ,tablet,PC and Mac.

He used twitter and Facebook. He blogged and tweeted for business of course.

He was a lonely and tortured soul with not a friend in the world and very few followers and no-one subscribed to his blog.

He huddled over his ipad3 with his eyes transfixed at the stream of tweets before him.

Excitement shone from his eyes as he scrolled down the many tweeters wishing each other festive greetings and he grew furious at the lack of links and tweets to blogs (especially HIS blog) about his…

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