2014 : The year of Law and The Creative Industries



1003953_630343610341686_1163450775_nWow ! 2013 was certainly a great year for me folks but having had a wonderful christmas and super busy January I now return to my legal blogging with a focus on the creative industries.

As a lawyer and an artist I have been spending some time doing what I love to do and that is paint. I have been  exhibiting, selling and showing my work and finding myself in the company of many new emerging and super talented artists. You never can take that legal head off can you ?

The same recurrent questions seem to be batted around at many groups and exhibitions I have been involved with. I actually have been taken back by the amount of misinformation, urban legend and utter rubbish I haver heard about Intellectual property whilst wearing my “artist ” hat. It got me thinking , how do these genius artists actually know how to protect themselves and their work in this ever changing landscape of art . The traditional methods of exhibiting , selling and displaying art have changed and some artists are fearful of showing their art for feel or infringement, theft and surely this is stunting our creative juices?

February sees the launch of a series of articles by me aimed directly at the new emerging artists who despite being fantastically talented still seek the expert advice of the legal profession for questions such as How to protect your intellectual property. How to exhibit.How to make sure you are credited with your rights.How to register a design.How to make sure your attributed with your rights when collaborating with others.

Law and The creative industry is an area which I am passionate about and will be a focus of my blog for the next few posts. If you have a specific area that you would like me to touch on please leave a comment below.

( My posts do not constitute as legal advice and are aimed at provinging guidance only )

Michelle Hynes LL.B (Hons) PGDipLP

Lawyer, artist,writer,poet and Gobi Desert trekker


Michelle graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Glasgow 2009 and Diploma in Legal Practice in 2011.

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3 thoughts on “2014 : The year of Law and The Creative Industries

  1. Hey..sooo pleased to have read your views on the combination of law and art practices. Having suspended my Art qualification to focus on Law (on advice)! there has remained a void within me. Did you continue with your artistic creations whilst studying? if so I would be very grateful on any tips you have in managing tow demanding fields.


    • Hi Sophia thanks for your comment.
      Yes I did continue with my art whilst at University studying law.I found that the switch between law and art was quite a refresshing one to be honest.
      At times given the amount of reading in law I often found that going off and paintuing helped me to gain some balance by usinig the other side of my brain.
      Whilst law for me is profession I also see art as a profession I can enhance by using my legal skills.
      I can understand why you would be advised to pursue Law , we all need to pay the bills and having a profession allows you to do that.It also pays for paint !!!!! so I agree get your profession under your belt your passion for art will not go away and will be something you can do whilst you study and work.
      I hope this is of help to you.
      Good Luck


  2. Thanks, Michelle. I would love to know more about copyright laws for writers. Is work automatically copyrighted if you post it on your blog (as it’s then publicly displayed & dated). I’ve seen a few websites and blogs which have the copyright symbol at the bottom and wondered if that’s all you have to do.


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