Why twitter is like a river

cropped-sea-bed-michelle-hynes.jpgImagine this a beautiful fast flowing river and you stand on the banks .
Making a paper boat you chuck it in to the river , it is not alone , thousand of paper boats have been chucked in up stream too.
You watch as your boat is swept along . Others downstream catch sight of the pretty colours if your paper boat but it moves with speed .
Back on the river bank you watch all the boats appearing and disappearing like Burns said ” like the snow falls in the river a moment there then gone forever ” I paraphrase of course.

So too Twitter is like that river , the tweets are the pretty boats and you, you are the spectator – will you set sail a paper boat today ? Go on tweet it

Michelle L Hynes
Legal Engineer At Inksters
Writer, blogger, artist , lawyer, mum

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