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Preparing a cae in University of Glasgow Alexander Stone Moot Court

Michelle is a multi-award winning member of our Legal team based in the Glasgow HQ and our Legal Process Engineer.

Michelle is a Law Graduate of The University of Glasgow with a successful first career in International Marketing & Business Development within both the Legal Profession and Private sectors.

After graduating with a collection of awards and an honours degree from the University of Glasgow in 2009, she completed her Diploma in Legal Practice in 2011.

Prior to joining Inksters she worked with a Glasgow based Criminal Law practice in a dual role as a Business Development / Marketing Manager and Trainee Solicitor.

Michelle has been a legal consultant in matters relating to legal communications, social media and on-line technology for solo practitioners, law firms, law students and lawyers around the globe since 2009.

Michelle has a wealth of business and marketing experience and has advised Law firms, Solo Practitioners, Law students and Commercial business partners in matters relating to Business, Social Media and Communications.

Michelle brings her extensive business experience and her knowledge of legal Technology, legal systems and Legal Engineering to her role at Inksters.

Michelle’s role encompasses Legal Process Engineering, Process Strategy, Development and Legal Practice Systems planning. Michelle brings a unique blend of law, business and technology to our legal team.

She lives in Glasgow’s West-end with her family where she spends her free time painting, writing and blogging.


  • The Elizabeth Aitkin Award for Achievement in 2005 – University of Glasgow
  • The Scottish Adult Learners Award 2006 – Scottish Television
  • Dean’s Cup Winner 2007 – University of Glasgow
  • Semple Mooting Prize 2008 – The Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow
  • Winner of The Law Society of Scotland “What future Lawyers Say Competition” 2010

Contact Michelle Hynes on 0141 229 0880 or send Michelle an e-mail.




Michelle.L Hynes aka @legaleaglemhm is a multi-award winning Graduate in Law. She graduated from the University of Glasgow with LL.B (Hons) in 2009 and with Diploma in Legal Practice in 2011.During her time at University from 2005 – 2011 she was awarded several prizes and awards.

The Elizabeth Aitkin Award for Acheivement in 2005, by University of Glasgow

The Scottish Adult Learners Award 2006 – Scottish Television and Grampion television 

Finalist in the Dean’s Cup mooting competition 2006 – University of Glasgow

Winner of the Dean’s Cup mooting competition 2007- University of Glasgow

Awarded The Semple Mooting Prize 2008- The Royal Faculty of Procurators

Represented Glasgow University in the Annual Sheriff Moot 2008

Winner of the Law Society of Scotland’s – What future leaders say… competition 2010
Winner of Sheriff Moot 2010 – Glasgow -v-Strathcylde

Michelle retrained as a lawyer following a long and successful career as an International Marketing and entrepreneur ( founder of two small business ventures).

Michelle joined niche law firm www.roadtrafficlaw.com in 2009 as Business Development Manager and paralegal preparing caes for the defence of road traffic prosecutions in Scotland under the guidance of specialist road traffic solicitor Graham Walker.

Michelle’s interest in Business and Technology led to her decision, in 2011 to pursue a further qualification in Intellectual Property Law . She commencde reading for the LL.M Masters in Intellectual property law and the Digital economy in 2011 at University of Glasgow.

A serious health matter briefly interupted her life at the end of 2011 when she was diagnosed with a life threatening heart problem and she underwent open heart surgery for a cardiac triple bypass in December 2011. This meant that she would take several months to recover and resume her career.

Now recovered, Michelle  recently travelled around the world to USA, Europe,Africa,Scandinavia,The Artcic Circle,Mongolia & China.

Michelle  has a wealth of business & Marketing experience throughout studying for her Legal career and has advised Law firms, Law students and commercial business partners in matters relating to Business, Social Media and communications.

Michelle is an award winning Blogger and now having recovered fully from her hear surgery is returning to the legal Profession to bring extra knowledge to her clients .

Her interest is in advising entrepreneurs, businesses, women in technology, digital media companies on matters relating to Intellectual property and E-Commerce.

She will be undertaking legal training in other broad areas of law and whilst doing so remain on the pulse of Business Development  and communications for her own Business interests.

She is CEO and Director of two separate business interests and she is also a business mentor and Angel Investor.

Michelle’s passions are her children ,Law,business, communications, space  and art. She lives in Glasgow’s West end and has a fondness of Glasgow University where she was President Of the Mature students Association .

You can follow Michelle at twitter @legaleaglemhm or email her at legaleaglehynes@yahoo.co.uk

Michelles art can be found http://michelle-hynes.artistwebsites.com

Join me on my new Facebook page too http://facebook.com/legaleaglemhm

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Michelle I am a solicitor and former blogger on The Firm.
    Steven Raeburn suggested I touch base with you regarding an idea I had. Apparently we are both thinking along the same lines.

    Have a good weekend.



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