Around the world journey of an eagle

Hey folks thanks for opening this page .
You are now about to join me on an adventure .
Having come through major heart surgery and recovered I am about to embark on a challenging and exciting voyage of discovery. From distant sand dunes, to the hustle n bustle of New York City.
Then swiftly on to the land of the Nomad in Mongolia and the Gobi desert on a mission to watch a spectacular astronomical event and undergo intense astronaut training with NASA and International Space School .
I will then be travelling to the land of pirates in the Caribbean and meeting a twitter friend or two along the way .
This extraordinary journey will span thousands of miles and adventures unthought of as yet .
Join me as I will post pictures and video as we go.
My adventure begins in a few days time on the 8 th of April and my first leg of my journey stops mid July when I will prepare for starting my new traineeship on the 1st of August.
Follow me on twitter @legaleaglemhm


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