5 Tips for Law Bloggers – by legaleaglemhm


  1. Know your audience

If you have an audience of law students then the posts they will be interested in will probably be about traineeship tips, how to pass exams etc.

However if you have an audience of clients then you might want to tailor your posts into categories of relevance. I write about various topics on my blog from law to my travels and it is easy to have headers which have drop down lists for new posts.

2. Write for yourself first

Learn to write even as if you have no audience. Write for yourself first & foremost. Focus on your thoughts, ideas, opinions and figure out how to put those into words. A blog is your opinion.It’s your way of communicating to the world

3. Welcome comments.

Comments can help you to gauge if your posts are enjoyed and are relevant. It transforms your blog from a broadcasting platform to one with an exchange of communication. Replying to your comments, listening and responding by relevant blog post will establish you as a legal  blogger

4. Write a catchy Headline

so you want people to read your posts, make it catchy and relevant to your audience.

5. Check your links

There is nothing worse than reading a blog post and wanting to follow a link to an external source and the link is broken. It puts me off every time.

So a call to action for you is – check who is subscribing, make it relevant, keep it catchy and make the links WORK.

So What are you waiting for get blogging


Michelle Hynes

LL.B (Hons) DipLP

Legal Blogger

Legal Engineer

Forward Thinking Law firm



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