5 Things every lawyer should know about LBP’s (Legal Business Processes)

5 Things every lawyer should know about LBP’s (Legal Business Processes) 

What are heck are LBP’s ?

1.Really it is nothing new. A ‘process’ is a series of events or actions that makes up a chain with three distinct elements a beginning , middle and end.

2.We each undertake thousands of processes in our daily lives from waking up in the morning to settling down to sleep at the end of a busy day. Some of these processes are very simple and some are complicated.

3.Legal Business Processes or LBP’s are a defined set of steps, events and actions taken in every stage of a legal transaction with both an external client and an internal client.

  1. Looking around at the thousands of mysterious invisible processes , we have to evaluate and record our processes as they occur. Though it is a time consuming task it is fundamental in understanding how a law firm works.
  2. For Lawyers thinking about LBP’s and ‘Processes’ is new.

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