Future of LAW

The Future of Law is here, now and in Scotland.

Is the Scottish Legal Profession responding to market changes? Yes It is !

A new journey begins for me today as I take up my appointment with one of Scotland’s Leading Law firms as a new type of Lawyer.

Over the last 5 years we have seen many changes in the Legal profession and fears of the ‘end of the solicitor ‘due to the increase of high street legal providers challenges even the sole practitioner. Law Students shake as they leave Law School not knowing if they will even find a traineeship or job at the end of it. The changes in Billing , process and practice leave partners, associates and the profession as a whole in a precarious position.

In an innovative and pioneering step Brian Inkster has embraced head on.

My appointment as the new Legal Process Engineer at @Inksters is in itself unique in Scotland.

It is a new role within the Legal Profession and I am very honoured to have been appointed and bestowed with this challenge.

Brian Inkster said “Inksters have always been at the cutting edge of legal innovation. Having a dedicated Legal Process Engineer will see us systematizing all of our processes and in turn assisting efficiency, business growth and profitability. Michelle is ideal for this task and I am delighted that she is joining our growing legal team in Glasgow.”

Inksters have been expanding rapidly over the past year or so with a new larger Glasgow HQ and offices in Wick and Portree to add to their Inverness office.


You can follow me on twitter @legaleaglemhm

follow our firm @inksters

Michelle Hynes LL.B(Hons) DipLP

Legal Process Engineer


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