Death of the Handshake – Twitter ye Old Devil

Twitter – That old devil that it is


Some refer to twitter as a ‘waste of time’ and some cannot see what anyone would possibly use it for.

People use twitter for many different reasons including chatting, following great links and doing business.

One might ask how can you do business using 140 characters?

Let me tell you how twitter is becoming like the ‘virtual hand shake’

In life-before twitter I attended many events both business and social where the first time I met someone – I smiled (an incredible smile) reached out my hand and gripped firmly.Yes, I do have a firm handshake.
This ‘reaching out’ made a ‘connection’ a primitive way of saying ‘hello’ ‘how do you do’ it was an expression that I wanted to talk , engage and perhaps even do business or become friends.

The explosion of ‘twitter’ means that connections are more often made now from one keyboard to another or one application to another. Is the handshake DEAD?

Does twitter ‘kill the handshake?’

No , twitter lets me have thousands of hands whooooopeeee.

I can reach out and connect with MORE and MORE people who I want to engage with when I want to engage with them.

And remember I can now exchange a ‘virtual handshake’ with people around the world.

Next time you reach out your hand to shake the hand of another human being , think on……….the virtual handshake saves time and money(no flight costs to travel to meet them) (No germs, erm I do know some people who are a bit OCD when it comes to shaking hands) and (convenience you can meet many people right from where you are now)

Whether you’re looking to grow your network, learn, make referrals or even just chat the Twitter handshake is there at the tip of your fingers)

Very pleased to meet you
*virtual handshake and a smile from partick*


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