How to use facebook Business pages

It might seem like everyone is on facebook these days and some people say use twitter  and Linkedin for business and keep facebook for your school friends and family.

I disagree. I run over 20 Facebook Business pages for different business interests. 

I set up my first facebook page in 2007 and at first I used my facebook for keeping up to date with friends and family.

Pretty soon I realised that facebook ranks highly in Google SEO and so my journey into the world of facebook Business pages began.

One of the first facebook twitter business pages I set up now has over 9000 followers and ranks highly for SEO. 

I currently run over 20 Facebook business pages for lots of different business projects from law, art,writing, help groups,motivational groups,and short comic books.

Why not check out facebook Business pages and set one up today.

You can of course connect all of your social media together so that they feed into one and other and you only need to post in one place and it will feed to the others.

My 5 top tips for your facebook Business page are

Set up your business page

Identify your audience

Make great content

Use it to advertise

Analyis your stats



Michelle Hynes


Legal Engineer at inksters

Writer, blogger,artist ,lawyer ,mom





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