Have YOU outgrown your twitter name ?

Have you outgrown your twittername ?

It’s all in the twitter handle – It’s just a name isn’t it ?




How important is your name on twitter. As social media grows reaching out like an octopus through the whole of our society we find that many people are left with the silly twitter names they chose one Saturday night 4 years ago whilst having a few glasses of wine and signing up for this twitter thingy. Is that ok ?

But does YOUR twitter name still apply ? Have you outgrown it ?

One way to combat this is to set up MORE than one twitter account. A generic account for everyday chat, a work account for professional banter and by demoting certain twitter accounts to historical or obsolete accounts when they no longer fit.

Every twitter user needs a current up to date twitter handle that reflects their ever changing life. It should be as regular as having a cull of twitter followers. A regular review of twitter name ( fit for purpose accounts)

so Have YOU outgrown your twitter handle ?

What do you do when you’ve outgrown your name?


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