10 steps EVERY Law student should know – How to use twitter successfully for LAW by Legaleaglemhm

10 easy steps How to use twitter for Law.

Ok, so you have probably heard about twitter.
You might even have a twitter account and follow celebrities I know I did 6 years ago.
Let me tell you why I started using twitter.

One evening as I was sat around the kitchen table chatting with family the conversation turned to ‘twitter’- a few hours later I headed home and logged on for the very first time and guess what? I was hooked.

It was very infectious and I headed straight home to have a look.

I set up my first twitter account @legaleaglehynes and I followed Nasa and the space station and a bunch of celebrities and used it primarily to pass the time whilst I was researching my dissertation.

I was in 4th year of my LL.B Honours year at the University of Glasgow.

My dissertation was on the topic of Double Jeopardy and I was researching other jurisdictions such as Canada and Finland and looking at the roots of historical reform dating back to 2500BC.

Suddenly in a flash I thought ‘Hey other people might be on this twitter thing who can offer me help in other jurisdictions’.

Typing like mad I entered a search – Law and wow up popped lawyers. Great I thought and clicked follow. Every day I would search legal history ,double jeopardy,legal research, solicitors,law reform into searches and more and more appeared.

Then I realised that the ‘law’ people I followed would actually follow me back.

I started to follow law schools, law students and hey presto legal research bounced off the page.

Ok so I now had followers and I had a bunch of people who I was following and from there I gathered legal research for my dissertation. Now in 2009 there were not many law firms actually using twitter so the links were not as frequent as now.

I kept the @legaleaglehynes account until April 2010 when I decided to start a brand new account focussing on building on my initial twitter skills I had learned.
@legaleaglemhm was born. I now have over 5700 followers.

Here are some tips for you if you are a law student and want to start using twitter TODAY.

1. Set up an account either in your own name or in the name of something ‘legalish’. set up a separate account to talk to your pals.

2. Do a search for ‘law,legal,law schools,whatever area of law your interested in. Privacy law, commercial law,family law,legal engineering (thats the newest area)

3. Follow legals – you would like to either a) engage with /speak to /ask a question or if you are interested in what they might be talking about.

4. Dont just listen – when you see a tweet , respond to it, add your opinion. Or even just say Hi ! this could be your future law firm.
5. If you like a tweet or think that your followers might be interested Retweet it.
Set up your own list – Top tweeters, criminal lawyers,commercial lawyers etc lists are a good way of checking out topics.
7. Remember a good Bio will have a link to your blog. (set up a blog – wordpress is good but there are many)

8. Keep it real – if you intend to use the internet remember that everything is kept permanently on record.It can be a double-edged sword.
9.Have a look at people on twitter you like engaging with and look at who they follow – follow them too.

10. Its easy and if you get stuck – just post a tweet saying Help how do you …….. someone will be there and will reply.

Join Linked in too and then you can validate your twitter profile. Many people on twitter are un checkable , you can verify them if they have a Linkedin account and the groups on Linkedin mean you can have more fuller discussions
If you need any further advise or help then you can drop me an email at legaleaglehynes@yahoo.co.uk or tweet me at @legaleaglemhm – Happy tweeting folks.
Here is a list of things lawyers are using twitter for :Communicating new skills for students and trainees
Discussing law
Legal education
Reputation building
Finding a law school
Recruiting new law students
Asking legal questions
Peer learning
Discussing legislation
Making referrals
Obtaining subscribers
Accessing legislation
Communicating with client
Obtaining funding
Securing traineeship
Letting off steam
Recruiting a new partner for firm
Connecting with colleagues
Promoting charitable events
Motivating staff
Providing ‘access to justice’
Collaboration across jurisdiction
Voicing one’s own opinion
Accessing global news
Accessing on-line journals
Finding Experts
Creating a ‘future’ of law
Discussing ‘The Bar’
Finding a Devil master
Finding a pupilage
discussing techniques of practice
exchanging views
sharing News
getting tips for traineeship interviews
links for blawgs
sharing ‘mooting’ tips
learning how to use ‘twitter’
learning how to use Linkedin and facebook

As you move through your career from being a Law student to joining the profession you will find that the connections you make are really important. Don’t leave it till you graduate , do it now.


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